My Encounter with an Angel

Angels are ministering spirits sent to help those who have been chosen for salvation.

In my Christian journey which began on the 11th of September 2001, I have had several encounters with angels, I have been stranded several times and had complete strangers meet my need most times without me asking for help at all, but here is one story I would really like to share with you.

I had a really bad day at work on one particular day, and I was feeling really awful and heart broken, I got into a bus heading home and sat down quietly in deep thought, I was so sad. After a while a stranger next to me, tapped me on my arm, with a very big smile on his face, he asked how my day went?

I was not ready for a conversation so I ignored him, he said he was in town for a short time and that he was leaving very soon, he tried chatting for a while and then he asked me what would make me happy in this world, and I told him if I had great relationships with people, I would be happy. He smiled at me and said that was a big mistake. He said I should never ever base my happiness on people because I would be disappointed,

“You must look to God for happiness, seek your happiness in God,”

he said to me.

Just then the bus stopped and as we alighted I looked to see if I could get his contact because he seemed really nice, but as I turned my back he was too far away and I couldn’t reach him, I stood there wondering who he was and how he had known just the right words to say to me, words that have changed my life till this day.