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My Dog Diego

I have posted before about my 2-year-old dog, Diego. The Lord has been doing wonderful things with him in my life and he is teaching me to trust Him with all my heart. Diego was diagnosed with genetic kidney disease since he was a 4-month-old puppy. My husband and I have been on an emotional roller coaster since we adopted Diego.

I have prayed a lot and have asked God to please heal my dog and restore his kidneys. God has been awesome. Even though Diego’s kidney values go up and down, he is still with us, after almost 3 years, against all odds…His vet can’t believe that even though his values are relatively high he doesn’t look a bit sick! He’s not feeling bad, or ill and is the same old playful puppy that he was when we got him…So, like my vet said, if this is not a miracle then tell me what it is?

I thank God, my awesome healer and Savior, that He is somehow doing something in my life through my dog, and that He is teaching me to trust Him, even when things don’t look good… “God requires to trust Him, even when the evidence doesn’t look that good”

Diego’s last test results showed that 4 of his values are normal…His Creatinine, BUN levels and protein loss are still high, but hey, there is NOTHING impossible for our God is there? So, I;m trusting my God to bring this miracle to completion…I’ll let you know when it’s done!
God bless everyone and TRUST HIM and see what happens!


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