My Deliverence

So I had reached to a point where I needed help and so I sought help.

For many years all because of this I had an insidious depression where I had to always sit by myself and ignored any social interactions. After I left College I found myself being depressed every day, even trying to get a job made it worst. I got a job but unfortunately I only worked for two days because the depression made me unable to function well. Life felt not worth living for, it felt so hopeless.  I realized if I had not said that I needed to see a shrink they wouldn’t have helped and so I was then God delivered me from bondage and now I am redeemed.

In conclusion, its not just because someone isn’t living up to your expectations that the person is starting to go back to the past and God is angry because the person is not living up to your expectations, you should not be saying things like that because you don’t know anything your just making an assumption. Also just because God gives someone a testimony you have to take matters into your own hands and keeping forcing the someone to give their testimony so that you can hear them give their testimony. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself because its better to have God lead the way rather than humans leading the way. As you know everything doesn’t revolve around us it revolves around God. In addition, in this world there are four groups of people:

  • there is the forgotten teenagers or those teenagers who care but are forgotten
  • the no care teenage or teenagers who live their life any old way
  • the forgotten adults
  • the no care adults

I realize that the churches are more focused on the no care teenagers and adults and forget about the forgotten teenagers and adults. Hence, you rather force the forgotten teenagers and adults out of the churches, let’s stop but let’s begin a process of solving their problems or issue and to take their opinions as suggestions. By helping these people, you will be able to get them to help you to solve and help the no care teenagers and adults problems.

Finally, God has a timing all His own and you must not be impatient when His timing doesn’t coincide with yours. Therefore, stop forcing people and let God leads them to where he wants to lead them. For the Bible says,

“the steps of the godly are directed by the LORD as He delights in every detail of our lives,”


“figure out what will please Christ, and then do it.”

Always remember we can’t control the world as only God can but we must live in this world with love in our hearts.

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