Kid looking at Mary and Jesus book in Iran.

My Childhood Hero – Pray for Me, Need Help

I want to share my story with you, a story of God’s spreading love and my weird life which maybe can be God’s test. Maybe my whole life is a big test.

I’m a 26-year-old boy from the Middle East. I was born and raised in a Muslim and religious family. From childhood I always asked others about God, and others recommended that I speak with God in religious ways. But I always speak to God in my language in my alone times.

When I was kid, I found a Mary and Jesus picture in the middle of an English book, and I saved it. It was very interesting to me, but I did not know who the face was in the picture. After I showed that picture to my dad, he told me this is Jesus and Mary and he asked me not to hold this picture because it’s for Christians and we are not allowed to have a picture of infidels. He scraped the picture, and I started crying and repaired the picture with glue and held onto it. The Jesus face in picture was very kind to me, unlike Islamic pictures which we had in our house wall.

At nights I started to look at the picture and talk to Jesus in the picture and in my imagination, He was answering me. Afterwards when I felt troubled, I called Jesus’ name and thought he is always with me taking care of me, but also, I had no clue or information about who Jesus really is. I just loved him in my heart and mind.

When I turned 17 years old and got access to the Internet, I decided to find out who my childhood hero was and started searching about Jesus on the Internet. Then I got some basic information about Jesus. After a while I was in one of my relative’s house which had satellite TV. There was a TV channel by name of “mohabat channel.” It was talking about Jesus, and it was interesting to me.

There was a pastor on TV who said if you want to be God’s child, if you want to be a new creature in God and your sins forgotten, then put your hands on the TV screen and pray with me. It was a silly thing for me to put my hands on the TV and pray and I don’t know why I did that. But that man on TV prayed and I repeated after him.  After my prayers were over, my tears were falling, and everything was changed.

After a while I started seeing changes. One day I heard my mom saying that my cousin turned to Christianity and my mom was cursing him and calling him an infidel. I went to meet my cousin, I asked him,

“Did you really turn to Christianity?”

He said,


Then I shared my story with him, and he became happy and gave me a holy bible.

I started to read holy bible and know more about Jesus. Then I started to repent and stay on Jesus’ words. After a couple years I found some other Christians in my town. We had a small home church and were happy about it. We read the bible and worshipped in our small home church.

After one year, Islamic security agents came and imprisoned my friends and destroyed our little home church and said if you want to stay alive, repent and never have a meeting. Then my friends escaped out of the country and city to save their lives. It has been about five years that I’ve been all alone, only me and my bible and the Holy Spirit’s presence. This is just a brief bit of what God has done in my life

I want to serve the Lord the rest of my life but don’t know how. If any of you my dears have any idea, please share with me. I need your prayers and encouragement, please share.


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