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My Brothers and I

About 3months ago, my brother moved out of our house and moved into my oldest brothers house. he was introduced to drugs there. On July 3rd, he overdosed on extacy and had 6. he should have died that night but buy the presents of god, he was healed in jesus name. He told god that if he could get him out of this mess, then he would serve him for the rest of his life. My brother cameron was depressed when he came back from college. he wanted my dads happiness and he thought that was through drugs. One day when he took acid, he saw demons and he was so scared and this drew him closer to god. So when god got Cameron sober, he told my brother the next day that he would move out and that drew him closer to god. I just thought i would share that my brother Cameron is doing great now and will never go back to that so called life again.

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  1. Brendan P. Burnett 9/24/2011

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