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My Born Again Testimony

Addiction is what has separated me from my savior. The love I have for Jesus is what set me free. It took the Love I have for my baby girls, and the guidance from a friend at work, to move me beyond my addiction, and back to Jesus. My friend gave me a link to a website, where I was introduced to some excellent pastors on the web, I started listening to them 8 hours a day. The pastors, in addition to Pastor Stan, were glorious lights from God to my soul, and I pray that God will continue to bless their ministries. The power of the sermons gave me the strength to stay in the light and walk with God. My heart was softening from the love I felt from God. I felt like a big weight had been lifted off of me. I became much more emotional, crying out of joy and thankfulness.

One day I was staring at my oldest daughter, Harlie. I was thinking just how blessed I am to have her as a daughter. My thoughts drifted, and I pictured my baby girl on the cross. Just like God had placed his little boy on the cross.

I felt an outpouring of love from God. At that moment I felt an electric shock, and something popped inside my chest. I felt the Holy Spirit surround me; it was the most love I have ever felt in my entire life. My life was transformed in an instant, the chains that had been around my heart were cut. I realized just how much God loves me, and the price he paid for us to enter the kingdom of heaven. God gave his only son to die on a Cross, for our sins.

Now that I’m a father of 2 baby girls, I realize what and incredible price God paid for our salvation. I now feel God’s continuous presence in my life and an indescribable peace. I also understand why they call the bible a living, breathing, word of God. There is supernatural power in the scriptures of the bible.

The past 10 months I have spent walking with the Lord, has been the greatest investment I could have ever made in my life. I picture myself as a little lamb next to my shepherd, with my eyes always focused on him. I will never leave my shepherd’s side. I now look at the cross and understand what Jesus did for all of us. I give God all of the glory.


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