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My Big Story!

First time giving my testimony online. Well I’ve been greatly blessed by God’s loving grace for us all. Iv’e almost lost my life twice iv’e seen alot and felt alot of pain of people. Its funny how a weekend at another college and one night and a Facebook post of mine “Ever seem like everything is coming together great? but then u listen to a song you love and you realize maybe i shouldn’t have done that one thing to make it seem flawless but what u did doesn’t make it turn out like that?”

This got me thinking about all the times iv promised myself i would be the evangelist that God intended me to or to speak in tongues like I the Lord has called me to do and given me the gift of doing so. I have defeated the devil many times by the help of God. I am a walking miracle in my family which has brought my family closer to God than anything else has like my dad. When I was two years old I was able to walk and everything and then one day my mom noticed i was stumbling around and then she noticed i couldn’t stay standing for a short period of time. She took me to our family doctor and they thought maybe it was a bad ear infection.

Then they gave me medication for what they thought was an ear infection. Then a couple days i just could not walk or stand so my mom rush me to the hospital and they couldn’t tell what was wrong so the doctors sent me to Hershey medical center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The doctors there were not sure either but my body was healthy. They told my mom to take me home and see if i got better. That moment in the car my mom busted out in bawling just was lost and didn’t know what to do.

The next time we went back they had performed spinal taps on me to see if they could find what was wrong with my body. They were horrible and i do not know how someone can stand them. But God helped that 2 year old boy. Then the doctors performed a CAT scan on me. My mom was discouraged and afraid broken down. The doctors had found a large tumor on my cerebellum part of my brain. They said to my mother i would either be mentally disabled, in a wheel chair, or possibly fatal condition. My family was devastated and praying. My mom was terrified and just bowed down and cried out to God. After a month or two my church family prayed for me and just showered me with God’s mercy.

One day a few weeks after i turned three my mom said she heard someone walking and her and I were the only two people in the house and she heard stomping in our living room she looked around the corner ha there was a little 3 year old boy walking around laughing. haha hard to think it was me. My mom praises God till this day. I had another CAT scan done and they had found that the tumor was gone. One of the doctors said this must be God’s will. Im now a 19 year old boy in college, ran and threw in track and field, played soccer, and can do anything God truly saved me. A few years later my eye doctor had noticed a small brown spot on the pigmented area in my eye. They saw it was a mole they said i could possibly be cancerous they said gladly it was not cancerous. It has grown back but praise God it is not showing any signs of being cancerous.

My family got struck again when my dad was hurt in a farming accident a week before Christmas in 2009. He had got his right hand stuck in a running corn picker. He was stuck for 30 mins till an Amish guy saw a cloud of smoke. The fire department bent a pry bar attempting to get him out then a farmer my dad knew his hole life came and helped free him. He was life lined to Hershey medical center where i was 13 years ago from then. He [lost] all of his fingers on it right hand except his thumb. The doctors said he was a complete miracle. He had on two pairs of gloves which saved him form bleeding to death. He came home Christmas day. I love him with all my heart, he may not see but i do. He has been through alot with me.

One year later I rolled my Ranger end over end and barrel rolled four more times the hood was smashed down into the middle of the seats. I climbed out with two little cuts on my fingers i just fell down and cried to God. My youth group went to a concert called winter fest in 2007 and i gave my heart away to God. I then went to a mission trip in 2008 and was slain in the spirit by the holy spirit, I also was told through a lady in tongues that i have the gift of evangelism.

That night I told my mom and we just praised God. She is my main fan. I then went to a summer camp in Carlisle, PA I was slain in the spirit twice and God spoke to me that one day I would speak to thousands and I dreamed that I was in front of a crowd where everyone was praising Lord God Almighty. But my path has been rocky since graduation.

Partying and other things have gotten in the way and I have drifted away but I do wanna go out and praise and tell people, multitudes of people of his glory and word. I went to a party this past weekend and lost my virginity. I felt like God didn’t love me anymore but the enemy was attacking me cause he know’s God’s plan and the evil one doesn’t want that. I was listening to How He loves us and made me realized he loves me no matter what i am his child, he showers me in his love but don’t always take it all in or spread it like i should. As i sat here thinking about all of this it took me 2 hours just to type ha my laptop should have sparks flying from of my tears of praise and faith. Prayers and comments please.

Child of God, Jordan Goshorn

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