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Multiple Sclerosis – Giving all the Glory to God

In April this year I went to the hospital to talk to a consultant specialising in Multiple Sclerosis. She wanted to discuss a change in my medication because from a recent review of an MRI scan, they saw the risk of a virus had intensified that could attack my brain and kill me or leave me seriously brain damaged.

I told the consultant that I did not want to go on an alternative medication because I believe in Jesus and I am stepping out in faith to allow God to heal me.

The consultant disagreed with this decision and gave me different options of alternative medications but I decided to maintain my faith in God and believe that finally after ten years God would heal me because he is more than able to do this for me.

A few weeks went by and I was absolutely fine. One day whilst I was out walking I suddenly lost my balance. I continued walking and then experienced a similar situation where my coordination appeared to disappear. I went back home and told my husband and over the next few days I noticed that my eyesight became blurred. It was as if every time I looked out of the window, I could see a range of black dots that affected my vision.

A few days passed and I noticed my balance starting to deteriorate. I went to the shops and I felt like I was walking like a person inebriated with alcohol. I paid for my goods and heard the voice of the shop keeper reminding me that I had forgotten my bag of shopping. I had completely forgotten that I had left the bag in the shop.

I returned home and my husband contacted the doctor. We explained the symptoms and he prescribed a medication for multiple sclerosis. I noticed on the first day that the medication seemed to improve my eyesight but the days that followed my balance started to become worse. I lost some sensation in my fingers, and I cried out to God asking him why this was happening to me.

My husband and I debated whether to go on holiday and eventually we decided to go to Switzerland to see my parents. We stayed there for one week and I noticed that it became more difficult to walk, to see and to feel. My coordination became completely affected and the entire week was extremely difficult. My family knew something was wrong and on the last day of my holiday I explained to them about the medication risk and I just broke down in tears. I remember saying to them,

‘but God will deliver and heal me.’

They didn’t understand the confession of my faith but I made it despite the fact that my body was breaking apart because of the impact of a relapse due to multiple sclerosis.

We arrived back in England and the devil unleashed a vicious attack on me. I collapsed on the floor, lost all the strength in my legs and I couldn’t walk. I remember trying to go up the stairs and I couldn’t take a step, I had to pull myself up by my hands.

I went to my office and my husband, and I prayed to god earnestly but I did not see any improvement. This continued for several days until I reached a point where I tried to go to the toilet, crippled by this disease and falling over in the bathroom. I cried out in pain, frustration asking god where was he and why wasn’t he hearing my voice.

My husband contacted one of our friends who is a pastor, and he arranged a prayer vigil with some other strong Christians to pray against the multiple sclerosis. As they were praying one of the ladies told me that she had seen an angel bringing a new spine to put it into my body, but I needed to repent of something I had done or said. I didn’t know what this referred to but was open to establishing what it might be in order that my healing would not be delayed.

After they had finished praying I felt a surge of spiritual strength and I just got up out of the bed and pushed my husband out of the way and walked to the bathroom before falling on the floor. I knew at that point it was the Holy Spirit breathing healing into my body.

In the morning I woke up and I looked across at my husband. I told him that in the night Satan had come to me and told me,

“I am going to take your life.”

I lost all of my ability to stand, balance, walk and my husband immediately took me to the hospital.

The diagnosis from the doctors was that this was a severe relapse and as a result of coming off medication and not going onto an alternative. I didn’t find their words consoling and I felt fear and confusion because I had reached out to God, showed my faith to him and yet I was in hospital.

Over the next five weeks I became a fragment of who I was. My memory became impaired, I couldn’t hold anything in my hands, i lost all ability to walk and my speech became slurred. The doctors gave me a strong steroid and it didn’t work. I continued to decline, unable to comb my hair, go to the toilet, eat a meal on my own, I was helpless and totally reliant on the medical staff to meet all of my natural needs.

The doctors decided to do a plasma exchange which meant taking blood from my body and purifying it and putting it back in my body. They did this for five days. They then put me on another dose of steroids in the hope that they could halt my decline and commence my recovery back to my original baseline.

They came to see me and went through a number of exercises. I couldn’t lift my legs off the bed, my fingers and toes were curling over, they tried to make me sit up on the bed and I kept falling over to the right side or the left. They tried to help me to my feet and my legs collapsed without the strength to stand. I didn’t know myself anymore.

All the time my husband and I and our Christian friends kept praying, casting out the demon of infection spirits and believing in God for his healing, refusing to move from our faith and trust in him even though the natural circumstances were so debilitating.

The doctors did another MRI scan and when they got the results back the multiple sclerosis had got worse. I had an increase in lesions on my brain, my nerve fibres were seriously damaged, and the activity of the relapse was more rampant than before.

The doctors were confused, disappointed, uncertain of what to do next. They contemplated putting me back on the original medication despite the risk of brain damage or death. They talked about giving me anti-depressants and in essence they had no idea what to do next.

The nurse specialist spoke to my husband and told him that under normal circumstances a patient would show signs of recovery in two weeks and despite all of the medical interventions after five weeks there was no improvement in me and in fact, I had got worse. She said we are really disappointed, and we need to discuss her going home and the care package she will need.

They had given up hope and didn’t believe that I could recover.

But let me tell you this much. When man no longer has the answer God is a God of the impossible.

My husband came to see me and I looked at him and said I feel much better. I was sitting up in the bed, raising my legs off the bed, I started to do sit ups on the bed. I had balance in my body and my speech wasn’t slurred.

The Physio came to see me, and she said, oh you are sitting up in the bed, come and sit on the end. I did what she asked, and I sat still not wobbling or falling over to the side. She said lets try to get you to walk and I stood up with their help, stepping right and then left. I went back to my bed and my husband went to speak to the physio.

She said, this changes everything, we need to change our plans and get her walking. It was clear that they had given up and didn’t believe that I would walk again, but God had a different plan and he kept his promise to me of healing.

Two of the doctors came to see me and they were amazed at my recovery. One of them said, you look different, you’re sitting up, you are not slurring, oh you can do sit ups, oh you can raise your legs ninety degrees in the air. I told him this is the power of God, and he has healed me. The doctor said to me,

“I know that your recovery is nothing that we have done.”

I told the other doctor this is God healing me and he said, God is far more reliable than us.

I was told that the rehabilitation ward had a six-month waiting list. We prayed to God and within a few days I was moved into the ward into my own room. God will open the doors; God will do the impossible and if we have faith will answer our prayer.

After nine weeks I walked out of the hospital after I couldn’t walk, after the doctors gave up hope but God never gives up on us, God never forsakes us and I know that because of God I am able to share this testimony and I give God all the praise and the glory for his power and deliverance.


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