Person by Sea - Healing

Just Like My Mother?

Growing up, my parents divorced when I was around age 6.

As time went on, my parents both got other spouses. Well, my dad got a girlfriend who wasn’t my favorite, and my mom got a girlfriend. Yes. I was so upset at this time and honestly didn’t know what to do. So, around age 12, the devil started putting these lies in my head about homosexuality. Such as,

“You are that way, just like your mother,” etc.

It got so bad, I honestly believed and thought I was that way. I was so depressed and upset.

Couple of months went by, and they went away, but later that year those thoughts came back. Strong. So strong it knocked me down, and tore me down to the ground.

But, as I saw with my own two eyes, a miracle happened. Jesus “healed” me from those thoughts the mean, ugly devil put in my mind and told me plain as day

“You are not like that, my child.”

Throughout this process, the Lord really taught me so many things. Including, to ALWAYS stay humble, never forget where HE brought you from, and much more. I give all the credit to Jesus and couldn’t thank HIM enough.

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