Praying Girl

Miracle in Exams

This is for anyone who was in my situation – just to say don’t give and keep on praying and believing in God’s word.

In my country we do advance level exams at the end of high school. I took three subjects a language and 2 sciences (bio and chem.) Exam season came around and I was nervous. I mean I tried my best and worked as hard as I could all through the year especially as my first year hadn’t gone as well as I wanted. So this year I was so determined to prove my teachers wrong – as they often did not believe in me.

Exams came I prayed they would be ok, and each subject had 3 papers. The language papers went ok/were alright but it was bio and chem that was the problem. The first bio and chem papers I found alright but when it came to the second… that was when I thought all hope was lost. I had to guess at least 3/4 of the paper for bio and chem was very similar. Paper 3 again was only slightly better.

What made it worse was that when I came out of the exams especially for bio- everyone said how easy those papers were. I thought to myself how come it was only me that found those papers difficult? All that studying and making all those sacrifices was going to be for nothing? Honestly I was so upset and even thought to myself why I chose those subjects? What was the point?

But then I decided to pray and ask the Lord to help me with my situation. I tried to reflect back on the papers try to remember what mark I would get. For one of the papers the maximum I thought I would get was 35%! I kept thinking I would get max ABC for the results. Anyway I prayed. I prayed and prayed for God to change my situation all throughout the summer until my exam results came. I also read the bible almost everyday and that really helped to comfort me.

The day  of results I was nervous, I knew I should trust God and that whatever will be will be and I would accept that. My heart was racing I opened the paper.. THIS WAS A TRUE MIRACLE AND I TELL YOU ONLY GOD COULD HAVE DONE IT FOR ME. I ENDED UP GETTING A*AA!!? For me, this was impossible, but for GOD, He made it possible! Praise the lord! To anyone who is waiting for results and feel as though the exam were a complete failure, DON’T GIVE UP! PRAY READ THE BIBLE AND TRUST IN GOD’S PLAN!! GOD BLESS!

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