Praying Girl

Miracle Exam Provision

This is my testimony on god’s provision for my exams throughout the year. God gave me top result for three of the modules and gave me 2 Prizes from PWC and Grant Thornton.

In the first semester, God helped me for my financial management exam. I studied really hard, but no matter how hard I tried to study, the information just could not go in to my head and I had so many topics to cover. I was so bad at memorising, this is a very big weakness. And then come to two days before the exam, I went to consult my professor, he told me

“If you study a bit more, you should be able to get a 60 for the exam.”

I was so disappointed inside, all my hard work and going to get a 60, the professor should be right. Wow but lord had something else in store.

The next day, I went to consult another person, another  tutor from a different class. when he looked at my notes, he was like

“You did put in all the hard work, I would expect u to get at least a first (70 or more), but you have been studying all the wrong things.”

That was just one day before the exam, I was panicking. Then the miraculous thing was he told me he was a Christian and he shared his testimony of how he got his PhD position in the university (Sheffield University). And he said to me

“If you believe, it shall come to pass.”

I took this all the way to my exam. And ended up topping the cohort for this exam! All glory to god!

Believe by faith and not by sight and it shall come to pass.

I will continue the rest of the modules in another post!