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Matt’s Testimony – Giving More Than just my Mind to God

I’m Matt. I’m from Hungary. I first met God in my first year of college in 2001. My roommate was a great man of God, he started this bible club at the University, and he always asked me, if I want to come or not. A few months later I decided to go, and I started to hear the gospel.

Last year spring I accepted the fact that God exists, and Jesus saved me. I thought that I have been saved and I’m a believer. But I only gave my mind to God, and not my heart and my whole self. After that, I wasn’t really satisfied. I didn’t know what, but I was still missing something. The sentences like: “God is always with me” didn’t mean anything to me just some far and religious words.

In January 2006 I came to Colorado to work at CSU. One day before Easter 2006 I don’t know why but I was thinking of God, things like I missed my church at home. I was praying to Him to show me some really good people of God, I needed some guidance. That day later I was going home from work to my apartment, and that guy (Brett-thanks dude!) appeared in front of me and started to asking me questions about God.

We met next week and studied the Bible and talked a lot about God and what He did for us, how He loves us. I started to realize that I haven`t made the decision to follow Christ, I haven’t died to myself to rise again in Jesus and be a son of God! On the 22th of April I made that decision, and the next Sunday I got baptized!

From then on, I can feel God all around me! He was all the time (and will be forever) with me even if I didn`t realized Him. He gives me more and more power day after day, and I thank Him with all my heart that He saved me and showed me the Truth!

Soli Deo Gloria
Only God Has The Glory

When I was baptized, I had a prophesy from the Pastor that I will preach the Gospel in dark places where it has never been heard! (I am excited!)


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