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Marriage Under Fire

I know that God is going to do great things with my marriage because of all of the troubles we have faced. Separation multiple times, on the brink of divorce, verbal abuse, and unholy desires for other people are just a few things we have dealt with. Praise God that a small miracle occurred and saved my marriage. My husband realized he needed to go to counseling for his anger problem and I was able to move back in. So far, he has been very kind and gentle to me. We were separated from May until November. It was hell to go through, the loneliness, the feelings of uncertainty the emotional rollercoaster. I just relied on the prayers of others to lift me up. I was so angry at my husband I probably wasn’t an effective prayer warrior. But, God came through.

Now another not so insignificant but more covert problem has been plaguing me. My husband has a brother that I am very romantically interested in and attracted to and perhaps even truly love. Of course, this is not what God intends. I foolishly opened my heart to him and I don’t think I really knew what was going on until I already had an emotional attachment to him.

Now that my marriage to my husband is stronger, the residuals of my feelings for my brother-in-law still have a strong hold on me. And for this reason, I am going to launch the biggest prayer offensive I think I ever have. And when God takes away these romantic feelings for my brother-in-law completely, and I know he will, I will have an even greater testimony for the power of God in my marriage. I cannot truly love my husband until I squelch the unholy desires in my heart. So please, pray for me!


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