Love Lifted Me…

I was sinking deep in SIN far from the peaceful shore. I was very deeply STAINED within, and I sinking, sinking to rise, no more. But the master of the sea heard my desperate cries, and from the water he lifted me now SAFE am I.

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t certain I would be here now. I was so filled with despair, and hopelessness that I believed my life no longer matter. Sobbing on the floor in my bathroom, I lamented all the mistakes I’d made that put me in my position. These feelings of regret consumed me and I could feel was darkness. Reaching out to a close loved one for comfort, I was rebuffed. Like the writer of the hymn paraphrased above. I was sinking. Now, when I thought that all was lost. God stepped in. He didn’t completely solve the problems, but He let me know that his grace was enough to meet my needs.

Today, I realize that I had to be made low. I’d forgotten to place a priority of my spiritual self, and I turned my back on the faith that nurtured me as a child. In short, I know now that before God could lift me up. I had to be made low. Things didn’t and haven’t changed completely, but now I know that God CAN! Sometimes in life it is easier to give up, but we have to keep fighting. When nothing/no one else can help, let God lift you up.

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  1. Sarah 8/9/2011

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