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Four Years of Being Lost in the World

All my life I’ve grown up in church. My grandparents and parents are pastors. 2013-2014, my freshmen year of high school I met this guy who I fell in love with. We dated for a year and couple of months, before I realized I had to end it.

Throughout it all the relationship was horrible. I never knew how bad a guy can be to a girl until I met him. From being hit every time he drank to being raped on my birthday. After that I couldn’t deal with all the ugliness I felt inside. I started to cut myself for four months. I started sending naked pictures to anyone who asked. I struggled with liking girls and guys. I started the life that took me a year to end.

Sophomore year, I lost all my friends because they found out the truth and didn’t want me a part of their lives. I began to lose myself to the worldly things. That November, my youth group attend a youth conference. That’s the first place I ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew God was working inside me to not let the devil win. That whole week I knew I had to change. My parents helped me change and now I’m a senior in high school. Living my life, the best way I can.

With all the mistakes and regrets I still am a child of God, and he loves me. I don’t need the world’s approval. I’m thankful that God showed me the light to brighten up my life through the darkness.

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