Person by Sea - Healing

Lost in a Mistake

This is how it all starts…

After watching this video my mom asked me. “Amanda How does God tie into all of this?”  I threw myself back to the moment in the hospital. my mom had given me a book of versus. Furious and Ashamed I threw it in the corner of the room. Even when I was out of the hospital getting better as I seemed to be in the video, I still wasn’t happy. Not with myself, or with God. I was at war with me and my big mistake. I was still drowning in the memories and fear of it everyday.

It had continued to stay that way for weeks. Then I went to a retreat through a friends church and everything changed. They nipped me at the center where I was hurting the most. Time after time I was on my knees sobbing for God to come and forgive me. Had he? Yes he did in a heartbeat just as he promises us. But what it turns out I was struggling with was having faith that he forgave me, forgiving myself. I was forgiven but still carrying the pain and regret. I prayed for a change and to forgive myself. I prayed that God come in my life once again and lead me out of the path of suffering and into the path of his word. And he answered my prayer with welcoming me into the life of forgiveness, mercy, and grace. and welcoming me into his family once again.

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