People Sharing Christian Testimonies

I was Lost but now I am Found

At 14 i started experimenting with drugs. I dropped out of school because i skipped so much school it became the point of no return. Everyday was a mission to get high on some sort of pain pills. I have overdosed so many times i cant even count on both hands. I never thought about god. I didnt think about tomorrow. I was a thief, a drug addict and over all a miserable person. At the time i thought there was no way out. I would occasionally think that all it took was my own will power or maybe just to quit my job so i wouldn’t have any money. So i did. That’s when i started stealing money from my family. Then one night sitting in the living room nodding out on oxycottin i started watching kirk cameron on t.v. And when i heard what they were teaching i started understanding the gospel. It was the truth and i couldn’t deny it anymore. I knew god was angry at me. Seeing myself in all his holiness made me feel ashamed of my sins. I mean here is this unconditional love that god has for me and everyone and i have been sinning against him! It was a change in my life. I began to pray, read the bible, and meditate on gods word and because i knocked he answered me and gave me a new heart, a new life, and after all my transgressions i was forgiven and the holy spirit came into my life and no drugs could compare to the holiness and pureness of a new body and mind that god gave me. If you are saved you know what I’m saying, instead of thinking about myself i see life totally differently. I’m know 17 years old. I now like apostle Paul i realize that my life is meaningless except to speak the truth of the gospel. Thank you for reading my testimony. Peace be to you. amen.