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Lord I am just a 17 Year Old Boy


My name is Marcus and this is the first time I have to share my testimony through internet to those whom may be hurt. this is only some of the things that I have experienced during my walk with the lord. I am a slow typer but I will try all my best to write all in detail on how the lord changed my life. I was inspired by god to write this testimony and give it to the students in Suva, Fiji. tonight I have just got my email address and this testimony was in my computer at home. there are many other wonderful things god has done in my life that I wish to share. so I just cut and pasted it. any way I have many other things to share about and hopefully in time I will manage to share the rest of it to you my brothers and sisters in Christ. as a young person it is a great opportunity’s to know that god exist. praise god and my hope is with this little that I have may god bless you.

SUNDAY May 28, 2007

During this day we set out to do our work around the compound. There were cabbages to plant. So we set out to accomplish this task. In that day our Talatala and Radini with and a few of our members went to a mission.

So there were a few of us left in the prayer group. The mothers say about three and two other brothers of mine. At 7 o’clock we sat done and worshiped God of Israel then towards the night I sat down with my brother and we were sharing the word of God. (Isaiah 53) The suffering servants

Verse 1

The people reply, “Who would have believed what we report?

“Who could see the lord’s hand in this?

Verse 2

It was the will of the lord that his servant should grow like a plant taking root in dry ground.

He had no dignity or beauty to make us take notice of him.

There where nothing about attractive about him,

Nothing that would draw us to him

Verse 3

We despised him and rejected him; he endured suffering and pain. No one would even look at him-we ignored him as if he were nothing.

Verse 5

But because of our sins he was wounded, beaten because of the evil we did. We were healed by the blows he received.

Verse 6

All of us were like sheep that was lost, each of us going his own way. But the lord made the punishment fall on him, the punishment all of us deserved.

During our sharing we heard some one knocking at the window and felt that something different was present in the room then we sat down and prayed.

During our prayer the lord spoke to my brother and I saying “where is my children where is my children, be watchful and pray because the devil wants to get you, tell the others to be watchful and pray.”(He spoke in Fijian)

We sat and we prayed to the lord for help, and just thanking him. The place was filled with the Holy Ghost power. The things that had been unseen had been made known. The bad spirits that were around were known. It was like a battle field, good against bad, A spiritual war fare.

Than we went out side to the streets prayer walking giving to the lord the places we walked upon. The lord was with us during our walk. There were five of us in this war fare.

After we finished walking, we sat down and prayed in the room giving that special moment to the lord God of Israel. The lord spoke to us saying that he was victorious. During the prayer the lord gave me a vision. In my vision I saw my self standing out side looking into the house. Inside the house I saw a brilliant light that was shining, and I wondered what it was. It wasn’t the first time I have seen such amazing things. I have seen other things that God shows me but for the light shining it was indeed a wonderful experience a thing that you never see often. It is these amazing things that God show, because he wants his creation to know him, all his saying is that I exist, I am your God, who wants you to live.

I was curious to see what was in the room. Present in the room, where we sat was a man with long hair, Standing in our midst. his hair color was maybe light red. I did not see his face, but for surely the room was filled with a bright light. The whole house was filled with this light. It was indeed the glory of Jesus.

Than I saw a woman with long hair; her face was as if light shined out of it. The lady was so fare and beautiful. It was no doubt the lord Jesus, The coming king, the man that was standing there. Jesus came to save us. Now for the woman, there is a meaning to it, the woman represents something, a message for me.

(Mathew 18:20 for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them)
Jesus saved us from the forces of evil and so he can also save you and me from the lake of fire that is meant for the devil and his angles. When there is still time to repent so we must do so. Turn to God asking for forgiveness. For he is righteous and just to forgive all sin.

To you shoeshine boys, young people if your burdens are so heavy, your feet are weary to walk, people despise you, say evil things about you, gossip about you, those from broken families mom or dad have died. Or you, who have no hope, let me tell you something true. Jesus still loves you so much that he died for our sake. The lords will is that he what’s to use young people to stand for him. For I believe that the lord is going to use Fiji in a mighty way according to his will.

So dear friends the kingdom of heaven is near. So if you have not accepted him it is about time you do, the choice is yours. It is not Gods will that man should parish but for men to have eternal life. It is not his will that man should suffer in the flames of hell but to have heaven as his home.

(Isaiah 53: 7-8 “he was treated harshly, but endured it humbly; he never said a word. Like a lamb about to be slaughtered, like a sheep about to be shown, he never said a word.

He was arrested and sentenced and led off to die, and no one cared about his fate. He was put to death for the sins of our people.

SUNDAY 3 June 2007 (10.38)

I sat down to pray, a small voice spoke to me and said “why have you forsaken me, it was the second time in the day that this small voice spoke.

Not long as I sat to pray, I started to pray in an unusual language, than my prayer changed to English, than Fijian, than back to the strange tongue. Then a gentile voice spoke, I tried not to let doubt come into my mind. The voice indeed was the Holy Spirit speaking through me, for the house of the lord is within us. And he was preparing me for an encounter with the lord Jesus. The helper, the consoler was what he said he was. He said to listen well. He also said that I am going to experience something.

Soon after that I started to feel as if there was heat to my body. I sweat ed for a while, and then a humble and gentile voice spoke to me. It was indeed Jesus the son of God.

Jesus said “why have you have forsaken me“. I answered

“Lord please forgive me, it is hard”

Meaning that what I was going through was hard. Jesus replied “Marcus, mark of god it will only last for a short time, fear not for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. Pray to me, always pray, See what the devil is trying to do, the unspeakable things” Than in a vision I saw the bad things that the demons where doing, and I believe it is what the devil is doing to the young people and causing people to do such things, the things we know it is bad, sex before marriage, rape, murderer, and many other things. Jesus wants to help, because he is hurt to see what his people are doing, the filthiness that’s within us. He still loves us. No matter what we have done, he wants to touch the hearts of the young and not only the young people, everyone rich or poor. Not only the Christians also the non Christians just like he touched mine.

Than soon after the lord Jesus said “follow me” I followed Jesus and what I saw in front of me was a crocked path than we stopped at the end of the path and Jesus asked me “what do you see?” I answered “I see a ditch” And Jesus said “at the end of the ditch is a lake of fire and whoever walks in the crocked path will fall into the ditch.” Then he said “you are my witness to the nation, all the things that I show you must be shared, Because of you, people will live. I answered lord I am just a 17 year old boy. Then Jesus replied “What is in me is in you”.

Then Jesus again said “follow me“ I followed him.

In front of me I saw two paths. It was in the form of “Y” the first path leaded to the right and the other was up a slight hill. Then Jesus asked me “which is the way“. My heart started to stir up, then I answered “lord you are the way the truth and the life no one goes to the father except by you“ Then he said “you believe my son, those who believe in the son believes in the father who sent him” then he said “sit and pray and more things will be revealed to you“ then I started to speak in the unusual language. In my heart I felt peace within me, so soothing that I didn’t want to lose it no matter what. When everything seamed so wrong it was the peace that the lord gives me, deep in my heart that brings so much relieve .It seem to say to me that every thing is alright because everything to God whether it may be hard, very hard, To god it is a simple problem, all he does is just say something and your heart leap for joy. His words is just like taking a drink in a hot day or when you are thirsty and water is just handed to you, I cant really explain how God does it but what I can say is that there is a God, his name is Jesus, the beginning and the end, the coming king

Monday 4 June, 2007

At the end of day, during the last period of class I had a lot of things in my head I was worried about this, about that, about everything, I felt really uncomfortable. Before that Ana one of my class mate, my friend, shared to me about Fiji being Israel’s little brother and the lost tribe of Israel.

During the end of the last period I prayed asking God for forgiveness and just giving everything in my heart and in my mind to him, I felt this peace again in my heart. A voice spoke to me saying “My child, do not worry about anything, worry about God”. (The voice spoke in Fijian saying “na luvequ ka kua ni lega taka e dua na ka, leqa taka ga na kalou”) I believe the Fijian language is one of the Israel languages.

Dear readers no matter what language you have, what race, we can never run away from Gods love. No matter where we hide, what we do, his loving arms is always stretching out to reach you, every single day, minute, second, all it takes is just a honest prayer from once heart, no matter how big your wrongs are, whether you murdered some one, or hated some one, or what is the biggest wrong you can think of? The lord still loves you.

But there will come a time when the lord will close his door of love and for surely we know what then will happen. The worst things will happen. I also believe that the lord will want to use Fiji in a mighty way according to his will. A brand new way, a way at which people will hear and read and are amazed at the news. God is indeed an amazing god; his works are more than the Seven Wonders of the World. You just sit and just be amazed. All we can possibly do is just say thank you lord thank you, and after we say thank you, we say more thank you and it never ends there.

There is another important message and that message is that Saturday is the day of worship (the Sabbath) which was revealed to me and my fellow youth group, talatala and Radini. It was through prayer, and because of prayer that God showed us these things and for it is my duty to share these things because God will ask me whether I have shared it and at that time I will want to say to this amazing God, the only God, Yes my lord, my king I have shared what you have shown me, and because of you lord, I had something to share. I believe that through prayer; more things will be made known. Ask the almighty God to reveal this day to you; I am sure with no doubt, that the lord will reveal it to you, just like he revealed it to use. (Mathew 28:1- after the Sabbath as Sunday morning was dawning; Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.) (Matthew 5:17 “do not think I have not come to do away with the Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets. I have not come to do away with them but to make their teachings come true. Remember that as long as heaven and earth last, not the least, nor the smallest detail of the law will be done away with- not until the end of all things.) (Exodus 20: 8) (Exodus 31: 12) (Deuteronomy 28)

I Thank God for his inspirations and without him there would have been no testimony and all these things would have not been known. May his name, only his name be lifted up and glorified.

Name: Marcus

Form: 701

School: Dudley high school


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