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Longing-of-the-Prodigal-Child, Needs your Prayer

Hi friends,

Myself Mary, worked as a software professional and recently due to the mental pressure I had because of this job, I resigned my job and now looking for another job. Being desperate, I started looking for testimonies which would encourage me. I found this wonderful website. Thank God.

Back to my story. 12 hours work a day made me really sick and I was really down when I was there. I felt exhausted and I am done. Despite of all my friends talk I quit that job as I couldn’t continue it anymore. I have been praying to the Lord very honestly and repented from my sins and I started feeling his presence.

I know I have done lots of sins which i couldn’t count. I have attended one interview on Oct 9th. But still they are not even taken any decision. Even though I got more closer with god, sometimes i feel very down. In this situation, because I skipped meals, I had a stomach ulcer and stomach started aching like anything after having anything, even tea!!! Then what else I can have to survive. One day when I had gone to take dinner, I prayed to LORD seeing that food, Father, the food seems to be very spicy, please I should not feel the stomach pain. I had every mouth in great fear that I don’t have any clue when my stomach will start aching. To my wonder, guess what I didn’t even feel the bit of the pain. And from that day onwards, whatever I have, don’t have that pain.

Now in the same faith I am asking our merciful father to guide me and show me the path where should I go. Because I really got confused that whether i should my career in this field or something else in which I feel the whole me. The company in which I attended the interview, they are not telling me whether I got selected, simply they are telling me that they didnt make a decision yet. I dont know whether god wants me to come to him still closer? I know he loves me as such as no one can do this in this world. I want all of your prayers for me to get a clear guidance, peace and a job where I would work healthily with my whole heart and a living witness to our merciful god.

Thanks guys for the prayers. God bless you.

with love in Jesus,


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