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Through Loneliness, God Has Saved Me

Hello, everyone. This is my first time to ever blog online. So I hope this goes well. A  I am a sophomore in my university and I have gone through several changes during this time. I am the quiet type. I keep to myself, I only speak when spoken to, and I mind my own business. My quiet nature actually help me in high school.

However, when I came to college, I felt very out of place. I didn’t know anybody, I had no friends. Basically, it was just me, myself, and I. Even though I’m in the band, I still feel practically invisible. I never experienced this type of isolation and loneliness in my life. I look around and I see people having fun with the people they’re with. I see countless couples holding hands and holding each other as they pass the me along the sidewalk.

But the main issue that I ponder is my soulmate. I didn’t think about a soulmate until I arrived on campus. I see guys holding girls all the time. Meanwhile, I’m just staring in the background. I wanted to be in a relationship so badly, I didn’t know what to do. Then, I had my revelation! I figured that, since I am a Christian, I’ll put my faith in my heavenly father, and He’ll perform miracles for me as long as I seek Him first.

I believe that is how God moved in my life. Because I felt alone, I looked to God for the answers that I needed to make it through. I realized that He didn’t want me to be distracted by worldly norms so that He can transform me into a better person. I thank God each and everyday for his light he has shined upon me and blessing me with the wisdom I need to make the right, Christian choices in life.

Now, I don’t feel as lonely because I know that His holy spirit watches over me everyday. I even made a few Christian acquaintances in several youth groups. As for my soulmate, I pray for her every night that she remains faithful in spirit and that God can watch over her until she and I met by His will. I thank God for already creating her perfectly just for me and even molding me into the man he wants me to be so that I can help guide her, and others, to Christ. I also made my oath of abstinence and purity and I wear a ring to symbolize my faith.

So, I’ll be saving my purity for my future wife. I just thought I would share this testimony with my fellow Christians. God bless!


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