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My Transformation. Trekking Past the Locked Doors

Visiting a friend in Austin, Texas I found something greater than I could imagine. At Bryan’s apartment I was laying on the floor in the bedroom. We had been smoking marijuana all day the previous day. I had been hallucinating during the evening, because I have a mental illness.

At this time, I was practicing black magic, reading Tarot cards, cursing people, and various other forms of the occult. When I awoke, I came to the conclusion that I had been wasting my life. I got up off the couch cushions that were on the floor and went out into the living room.

I told one of the people in the living room about my concept. He responded that I should just go with it. I was tired of just going with things. I walked out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out into the world to find my answer to this issue.

As I walked down the street, there were multiple churches. I thought to myself maybe God has the answer. So, I walked up to a church grabbed the metal handle on the wooden door and pulled: locked. I went to another church grabbed the handle, and it was locked as well. It happened one more time, then in a somewhat defeated attitude I started to return to my friend’s apartment.

There were some people outside a church, so I decided to walk up to them. I approached a man and began to cry. Expressing a fear that I was too wicked, and God did not want me. When he brought me in the building he went and got me some tissues. He walked me upstairs to speak to the youth minister.

I spoke to the stocky, handsome black man candidly. Told him about my fears, and he looked at me compassionately and spoke the gospel. He asked me if I wanted to pray to accept Christ, and I did.

As soon as I prayed with him, I felt like the emptiness was filled with the Holy Spirit. I returned to Bryan’s place exhilarated. I felt so good. I got rid of all my occult belongings, including burning my spell book.

I thought the transformation would be instantaneous, but my addiction got the better of me time and time again. However, I say with a grateful heart that Jesus never turned his back on me. He has been there for me since before I knew, and He saved me from a treacherous fate.


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  2. Chris 11/23/2011

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