People Sharing Christian Testimonies


Dear Beloveds in CHRIST,

Holy wishes in the Name of my Savior!

I born in India to a Christian family. Although my parents lead me to discipline, I want to satisfy my friends and indulge me to all evils. In my school days I the one who make others to fall in sin, Gossiping and enjoying sin was our routine. I was oppressed by everyone, so I became a hater of people and had a terrorist mind, I will be very joy when I hear a death in news or something. I want everyone to be killed, But my Lord made me to give Life to everyone Hallelujah.

Until the age of 18 I had gone behind this world seeking all temporary items. But at the age of 18 by the compulsion of my neighbors I attended one week Prayer meeting in Elavur- Chennai. In that meeting they asked all to praise God with a loud voice, But I the one who open mouth only for gossip and bad words started praising God as I am helpless. Although I cried many times for the oppression and depression I had, For the first time tears came in front of my Lord thinking my life’s way is very worst. That’s the time GOD picked me from the sinful mud in which I am landed for years, My inner eyes were opened, I submitted myself to my Lord, A new heart and mind blooms in me. I don’t know how my worries vanished, I felt I was set free from all bondages, a great deliverance bounded me, a joy of heaven fills my heart, Even though the tears reach the ground my Savior wiped it away, I started to hate sin than anything, I tried and begged my savior to wash away all sorts of sin which disturbs my mind & heart. I can’t do anything for the grace which HE showed upon me.

Thus Begins my SALVATION…

I always wonder that how my Lord saved me as I am a worst sinner who is to be punished than anyone in the world. GOD itself revealed that I had a Salvation. It was not informed me by Pastors or Evangelists.

GOD tuned me to attain the high esteem of Holiness by Blessing Tv in which HE makes numerous changes in me through the WORD of GOD. Thus the unknown foolish activities peeled off from me day by day.

I am very happy to read the Word of God because after taking the Word which my Lord taught me I try every chance to obey that WORD.

I search every page in the Holy BIBLE to find a Word in which I can obey. GOD has revealed numerous knowledge to me by HIS WORD. Always I enjoy in them and happy to obey them.

I always had a great joy in obeying the Word of GOD. By this process I easily grow and step in to my Lord.

GOD using this servant in various tracks for His glory. Thanks to the Lord.

GOD has many plans for me and I am waiting for my Lord’s time.