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Judgment Day Vision

I saw a vision of judgment day when I was a kid of around 12 or 13 years of age. The year was maybe 2005-06(?). That was the first time I saw it. Later I saw the same vision with exactly the same details. The span between these two visions was about 2 to 3 years.

I was sleeping when a sudden disturbance following a loud noise woke me up. I woke up from my bed and searched the house for my mother. My house was shaking and vibrating violently. I realized that it was an earthquake. I searched the whole house for mum but couldn’t find her. I decided to run downstairs to an open ground. I ran down the building only to be surprised more.

When I came out of the building on main road I saw vehicles crashing into one another, some already crashed, people running everywhere, they were hurt, injured, some in agonizing pain. Some dead bodies lying on the road, some people crying for their terrible accidents, there was no one who could tend to them. Each to own, nobody cared for another. Buildings, houses, cars, shops almost every structure present was lit in huge flames. The earthquake didn’t seem to stop, rather it got more violent and I could see the earth was tearing and ripping apart in different directions. People were falling in the pit created by it, some hanging calling for help, nobody cared. It was chaos everywhere. I couldn’t stand the sight of the mass destruction that earthquake was causing. I was too, running searching for my mum and my family.

I was scared and clueless of the situation and just wanted to find my family so I could be safe with them. While running on the road, I would scream and ask people who ran into me if they knew where my family was. Nobody answered. I searched and searched. Suddenly I ran into a person who was screaming and running from something, I asked him, “what’s wrong? What’s happening?” He halted for a moment, grabbed hold of me and said to me. “Don’t you know? Don’t you know that He’s coming?”

I couldn’t understand the man and I asked him again. “Who is coming?” The man was too scared to reply; he left me and started running again. I was left puzzled in the chaos around me. I started running behind him, but I lost him in the crowd. Suddenly it seemed that all the people were running into the same direction towards something. Thinking they’re running to a safe place, I followed them.

Suddenly the sky turned dark grey. In a moment, day turned to night. All the people running came to a vast literally vast open ground. All I could see were people standing till the sky meets the earth. There was no limit to the crowd that was gathered there. And it seemed the people knew exactly where to stand; they knew their respective places. It was only me who was confused as to where to stand.

They all stood still with their eyes fixed upon the sky. I too started looking at the sky and suddenly, there was a bright flash in the dark grey sky, and something that was carrying that flash of light was descending from it. Somehow, immediately I realized that it was judgment day and the “one coming” was “GOD”. I started crying in an uncontrollable manner. People lifted their eyes up to Him. Some crying, some happy, some screaming, some filled with joy. I understood that THIS IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY.

I looked up and saw a HUGE Golden throne descending down from the sky. Surrounding the throne were many man-like (angels) creatures who were dressed in pure white robe. Interestingly I couldn’t see their faces. But they were all facing to the throne. The Throne caught my attention. As the Throne was descending it made a loud noise as if thousands of clouds thundered at once.

And then, I saw a HUGE man sitting on the throne. He was dressed in snow white robe. He was sitting resting His hands on the throne and just the sight of Him descending down was overwhelming for me. When I looked at His face to see how He really looks, there was a tremendous and limitless amount of bright light coming from it. His whole face was lit up by this bright white light. It was the brightest light I have ever seen. In fact His whole body was glowing with such a bright light. He was wearing a Golden crown made of rubies, emeralds, diamonds and those precious stones I don’t even know! I realized that He surely has come, and He is real! And as He was descending, people started moving to different place.  They literally sorted themselves out and formed two huge groups one on the left side and one on the right side.

I remembered as a child they taught in Sunday school that the righteous people would stand on the right hand of God and the wicked on the left. But I was confused about my place, and I was trying to decide. And suddenly I saw that the throne has landed on the earth, and He was watching us all. And I asked Him, “where is my place?” And He just pointed out on His left-hand side! I was devastated! I started crying and sobbing uncontrollably. Suddenly I found myself in the midst of the wicked people.

I stood there sobbing and saying how much sorry I was for all the sins I did. There was total silence. I looked to my right-hand side to the righteous people, and I saw my whole family. And I cried even more. He was sitting on the throne and had angels holding books and carrying people one by one in front of Him to be judged. For every person that came in front of Him, He read from His records since the birth of that person to that day. And in the end, He would decide if the person was righteous or wicked. Righteous people would be embraced by angels and were taken near the throne to stand by them. Wicked people were taken from His sight, dragged and separated by the angels from everyone else. Slowly, slowly He judged every single person present there. And I was left last. Then came my chance, He looked at me and said that I was a sinner and there was nothing more to say about me and then He said that my place was in HELL for sure, that there was no doubt about it and he didn’t even need to look at my records or judge me accordingly, I was a straight wicked person full of sins. After I heard that, I was completely devastated and broken by His decision and I started to cry and sob asking for forgiveness for my sins. I asked and asked sobbing uncontrollably for forgiveness and one more chance.

But He said that the time to REPENT has passed away long ago and that I can no longer be forgiven but put into Hell. And He and His angels along with all the good people started ascending into heaven again. And suddenly there was a massive earthquake and the ground underneath me tore apart into a huge canyon. I saw lava and volcanic eruptions emerging out of that canyon. There was fire inside it and shockingly I saw that there were skeletons burning in that fire and screaming and crying out for help. They were no doubt in unbearable pain and just the sight of it made me feel the pain too. I understood that it was HELL and that’s where I’m going. I started walking back and I found myself trapped with two other people. In front of us was the Great canyon of hell and behind us was a huge mountain to which we were clinging on for support. Beyond the canyon we could see the angels and God ascending to heaven.

All of us started asking for forgiveness and started repenting like we would have never repented. I don’t know what happened, but God suddenly stopped and looked at us and was filled with compassion. He said, “Alright, I’ll give you one last chance. If you could make it from that side of the canyon to my side, I will take you with me.”

And we were scared, confused and helpless when we heard it, because the rift between us and God was tremendous and could not be crossed by jumping or leaping. We couldn’t go back and come with full speed running and jumping as there was a big mountain on our back.

And again I started crying and saying that this is not possible at all and that there was no way that I could cross the canyon and go to God’s side. Suddenly, one of the guys who were trapped with me said that he had a bow and arrow and a rope with him. And he suggested that he would tie the rope to the arrow and shoot it on the other side and then with the help of the rope we could cross to the other side. At that moment that was the only option and I agreed to give it a try. He did as he said and one of the other guy said he would go first and we agreed.

The other guy crossed safely to the other end and was filled with joy! I too was happy that now it was possible for me to go to God’s side and I said to the archer guy to go first and I would follow him. But he insisted that I should go and that he would come behind me. And I got hold of the rope and I started crossing to the other side. As I was crossing I could see the terrible sight underneath me of people being tortured by the lava and the fire.

There came a point where some skeletons managed to cling unto me and started pulling me down into the canyon. I with my whole strength kicked them and brushed them off of me. And slowly I managed to cross on the other side. As soon as I put my feet on the God’s side of ground, I was filled with uncontrollable tears of joy and happiness! I was now going to be with God. I could see Him stretching His hands out to welcome me and the angels were happy too.

But suddenly I thought of the archer guy, it was because of him and his bow and arrow and rope I could make it to God. I wanted to thank him for this and as I turned around to see him and thank him, the archer guy had transformed into JESUS and was no longer wearing the archer clothes but a complete snow-white robe and He was glowing with bright light. I could not believe my eyes and as I saw His face to thank Him, He was Smiling back at me and I was Speechless.

Suddenly I woke up from this vision and realized that this was just a dream. Although it was a dream I felt all the sadness, happiness, scariness, heat of the hell and everything else that I experienced was real to me. When I woke up, I was already crying uncontrollably. I did not tell this dream to anyone not even my mother, but I kept it to myself for many days even months.

After some months or years or so, God gave me the same vision with exact same details and that time I understood that God wanted to tell me something. But I was a kid, I was confused and didn’t understand what it really meant, what deep meaning it held. I confessed or shared this dream in front of my whole family and almost all thought it was just a dream. So I believed them. And I let it go.

After many years, when I came to RARM I understood that God really wanted me to repent and come to His side. He wanted to show me to how to come to Him. From that dream, or vision I realized that God taught me three lessons.

1) REPENT before it is too late. You never know when He is going to come. It might be any normal day, it might be just any usual day you have and He may come, and If you have not repented and are not in His presence, you are bound to hell. He wont actually give a last chance like He did to me in the vision. His judgment is Final and not changing.

2) Through the disguise of archer, JESUS was with me supporting me, even to the gates of hell. He was comforting me and helped me to get to the right side. He is always there for me in one way or the other. No matter even if I forget Him, He does not forget me. He stands for me, helps me in any situation. He did not give up on me till the very end. He is always around no matter what.

3) To get to God’s side I had to cross using the rope that the archer (JESUS) had laid down. By that I understood that, there is no other way in this whole wide world that would take you to God and His kingdom. There is one and the only way i.e – JESUS. For Jesus has rightly said that HE alone is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and that no one comes to the FATHER except THROUGH HIM!  Jesus has already laid down a path for us to go to God. All we have to do is follow it and cross from the hell to the heaven.
I thank my Glorious Father in heaven through My Saviour Lord Jesus Christ who is the only way that can take me to my God and save me from all of my sins and the consequences of my sins.

Jesus is the ONLY SAVIOUR! Jesus is GOD!
All the Glory, Majesty, Honor and Praises to Him and Him only!

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