Praying Girl

Jesus Vanished Away All My Sorrows

My love is staying away from me due to work. His mobile got repaired and we couldn’t communicate with each other due to it. That was the time we were in shortage of finance and we had lot of struggling in that period. Where I started praying so much and that’s when I got close to my Jesus.

We had no money during that time to get a new mobile. We missed each other very badly, but still I had hope in Christ that He would help me some way to meet my demands. As that was the only communication through which we spoke. At first when I prayed, Jesus din’t show me any positive results, situation was going even worse that before but I dint lose hope at all. Because my husband din’t even talk to me for a single minute during those 3 days. I broke down and missed him very badly and cried to lord to help me out. But suddenly on the 4th day from morning to evening I decided to pray continuously and I pleaded with Jesus to help us in this situation. I kept his picture in my wallpaper and prayed deeply to solve all the issues that are in our life, suddenly to a great surprise, in the evening my love called me in his new mobile. His father who is very strict who will not even spend money for buying a pen, accepted the request to get him a mobile.

I was so surprised that Jesus heard my prayer and answered it before the date which I exactly prayed for. So his father had not even a bought a new dress accepted to buy a mob worth Rs 20000 INR. At the proper time Jesus helped us. Jesus is always with his people and understands each one’s feelings. He helps them to meet their needs at the proper time. He always knows to answer your prayers at the right time. While we pray we must wait for the Lord to answer. Patience brings joy. It gives more strength. Never lose hope in Him. For He will surely listen to us and answer us. Only trust is needed. Amen.

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