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Jesus, the Living Word. I Knew I Was Healed

To edify, to admonish, to strengthen the brethren. My Testimony. This God that we serve is a consuming fire. My pen is far from that of a ready writer. Because I really don’t know where to start from. So, I release myself to the Holy Spirit of the living God. That same Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead that quickens my mortal body.

It all started the day that old liar said I would not live through the birth of my second child. The born-again child of God that I was (and am) I just said impossible. Can’t happen. Day after day, I found myself terribly depressed. By my thirty-seventh week of pregnancy, I was down and out, crying constantly. Little did I know I was about to be launched into the third phase of my life and that the birthing would be the most challenging experience I had ever had.

So, I gave birth to him. It was the Lord’s doing and it was marvelous in my eyes. Taking care of this child was so unlike the first, I had not dwelt on the Word as I did the first time, so I found myself weak all the time. Always emotionally out. I had lost it but did not know it.

One Saturday morning I was in the bathroom when I noticed a small painful lump in my breast.  I just mumbled a prayer and went my way. It grew bigger and bigger. A week later I was at the hospital where I was told I had an abscess that would require incision and drainage. The procedure was carried out.

Weeks before this I had taken antibiotics continuously for consistent breast pain. After the procedure, I was given antibiotics one of which I was terribly allergic to. That night, I saw my Lord Jesus, he reached out His hand to me and took something from the affected breast and receded from my sight. I was relieved.

As the days wore on, I didn’t seem to get better. Thus started the trip to the hospital. By the time the doctors found out what was the matter with me, I was dehydrated and was put on drip. I was told there were two other abscess points filled with puss that was affecting me and causing strange symptoms such as burning up inside, dizziness, faintness, lack of appetite. I was placed on drip immediately and the operation was later carried out to rid me of the puss.

When I got home after a week in the hospital, I was happy to see my children again. Four days later I had a strange attack. I was terribly fatigued, in-coherent, and faint. Then one evening, I could not breathe properly! As such attacks became more frequent, we decided to go back to the doctors. Thus, the tests began. One after the other, they revealed nothing. The heart test, the lungs, thyroid tests. I was certified healthy.

The only thing the doctor could advise was that I take more iron tablets as earlier tests had shown some form of deficiency in my iron levels. I began taking the medication. By now I was despondent.

It was a rude awakening when the doctors said they could find nothing wrong with me. Thus began the battle of the mind. Could it be my mind? That I could not breathe? That I had terrible palpitations? That I felt as though I was losing my mind?

By now I began delving into the Word. I had been away from church for months. I went back to church and began searching the scriptures for healing Word. By now I knew the only solution was Jesus. Only He could heal me. I did not even quite know what the matter was. I could not explain the symptoms anymore. But so deep was I in the Word that I knew I was healed.

The day the breathing problem started, I bought as many faith books and tapes I could afford then and built them up consistently over the next weeks. Each day I would walk by faith in God’s Word that himself took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses and that by His stripes I am healed. I would SPEAK the WORD constantly with faith in my heart. Every opportunity, in my car, doing house chores, I had a Word tape playing to my hearing.

God said to me that I need not say all of it, because I learnt that you MUST confess the Word to have a manifestation of it. One scripture on healing had enough power for me. It has been a road where God has had to baptise me with his sufficient grace.

I came to understand Him as I had never known Him in all these 16 years of salvation. I came to know the power in His Word (the Living Word, the Spoken Word), the true meaning of the Holy Communion and the need for constant communion with Him.

The weeks turned into months and new symptoms sought to be manifest. I kept at the Word. It seemed it was when I prayed more that it was worse. Then there was that scent. I started perceiving it the period the breathing challenge began.

At first, I wondered about it. I noticed it was so strong whenever I was praying, worshipping or at Church. The peace I had made me realise it has been God, descending  from the Mountain of Spices as the Word says, to re-assure me of His continued presence in me and about me.

As the months increased, and the discomfort continued, I wondered if my faith was not working because I had believed completely and had received my healing which was settled thousands of years ago at the cross and at the resurrection of Jesus where I was raised with Him.

Should I return to the hospitals? Am I causing myself all this pain? Fear tried to grip and overwhelm? Would my life ever be the same again? I Would cast down these imaginations and focus on the Word. Even at points of absolute exhaustion, panting, almost fainting, I would carry on with my extremely busy day, knowing that He is the strength of my life and that His grace is abundant unto me. And my outward appearance was better than ever.

What I have learnt is what I call stubborn faith. It was the Fight of Faith. We must be resilient in receiving and speaking our God’s Word. Because they are ye and amen. If it seems like you aren’t getting any better, it is all a lie. We have been healed a long time ago. It was completed at resurrection.

When the symptoms come and try to pull you down, speak the word, when it seems like fear wants to envelope you, speak the Word. We are no longer in bondage to the spirit of fear, but He has given us the spirit of power of love and of a sound mind. Again, I came to realise more than ever that I am a Spirit and that my body is a Tabernacle to be taken care of by me to house my real self. That it is through God’s word and fellowship with Him that I can grow my real self-the spirit man.

A careful study of Genesis 1 and 2 revealed this. He made me like Himself in Genesis 1 and formed my body in Genesis 2 after which he breathed my life (spirit) into me. This goes for every man walking on earth. To be born again is to receive Jesus Christ and come alive in your Spirit man. It is the only way to make eternity and to live a victorious life.

When it appears better then all of a sudden it seems worse, ignore the feelings. They are not the truth. The truth is what God says. You are healed; He came that you may have life and have it MORE abundantly.

When your mind is assaulted and the devil tries to fill it with all manner of lies, telling you that you will never be well or that you will die or that the Most High has forsaken you, say aloud that it is a lie because He said: I will that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers; that with long life will I satisfy you and show you my salvation; that I will never leave you nor forsake you. Believe only what His Word says about you and ask for grace not to focus on the lying symptoms.

Manifestation of healing may be instant. More often it is gradual. Don’t try to understand it. Trust in the Lord with all your hearts and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. There were times I was in great discomfort and still shared messages on healing with so many others. I decided I would stand on His Word till my last breath. It could and would never fail. He is the Living Word. Jesus came and dwelt among us: He is God’s Word, manifested in the flesh, crucified, resurrected, and to return.

Our Lord is more than able to see us through. Make up your mind, that you will stand on His Word regardless of how hard it may seem. Just remember to speak the Word in faith. He says, when you walk thought the waters, it will not sweep over you, when you walk through the fire it will not burn you-the flames will not set you ablaze. He lives in us; He moves in us.

Our lives are hid in Christ and Christ in God. Be at peace. His peace that transcends all understanding will be with us always.

His Word is better and more effective than any prescription or medication. This is not to say don’t use medication or live a healthy lifestyle; it is by revelation or experience that we as believers know when it’s time to claim our healing based on the promises in His Word.

Again, no matter the diagnosis, known or unknown, stay in faith in His Word. No matter how long it takes, it has never failed.

Folashade Adeloye



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