People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Jesus Saves!

My husband and I have been together since 2013. Throughout the years we had more great times than bad, but the bad moments and hard trials did very much exist. What started off as a wonderful relationship and happy moments quickly turned around. My ex husband had abused our three children. This led to years of torment and things that the kids and I could have never gotten through alone.

Thank God for my husband! He stuck by us through the entire lengthy battle with court, jail, hospital stays for my oldest son, etc. You name it, we went through it. It takes a certain type of man to want to stick by your side and children that aren’t his biological children. He loved us from the very start. Anyone else that dealt with what was thrown at us in the early stages of a relationship would have been long gone.

As all these things were going on, we prayed and would off and on go to church, but I can honestly say that we didn’t have a real relationship with God and really know the capacity of his love for us. To be honest, we had so much anger and disappointment that we didn’t show him much love ourselves. I had put my husband first, then my children and sometimes towards when things really got bad in 2018, I put my children before him. As you can see, no where in that last sentence did I state that I put God first. He was on the back burner basically in my life, in all our lives. We had our priorities totally mixed up and wrong.

Last year in March, I was in a nearly fatal car wreck. I did in fact see my life flash before my eyes. My tire rod broke and I lost control of my car, hitting the side of a bridge head on and car almost flipped into the river. I could have been killed, my husband without a wife and children without a mother. God saved my life with no injuries, except a small mark around my neck from the seatbelt. I healed within two weeks time. I felt disassociated with the rest of the people around me, it had more of a mental effect than anything. After some time and replaying the accident I realized that God wanted my attention and oh did he get it!

I grew a bit closer to him at this time than I’ve ever been before. Not long after this my husband and I had some big arguments and fall outs. It got very heated and bad in our household with us, the kids and other family members. During this phase, we all have come to know that Satan is very real and felt his presence over our lives and one another and our families. All of this happened so fast and so real to us. We were living in a real life spiritual warfare. It was the scariest time in our lives, mine mostly!

As everyone who knows me, knows how much I voice what I’m feeling and what’s going on with be. I’m not good at keeping things to myself. As I did this I scared my children and husband and our family, and I was dying inside and scared to death myself. Words are very powerful, what you speak and believe will happen. Words can speak life or death and I was speaking death. Fear is a liar though! He will Rob you of everyone and everything you love.

One night, I specifically cried out to Jesus on my hands and knees and begged him to save me and my family. I cried my eyes and heart out like never before. That one night after that, I heard the voice of God for the first time in my life. He spoke very specifically to me and disciplined me at the same time as comforting me.

Finally, Satan was slowly losing his grip on me, because all day every day I talked to Jesus and held onto his hand. I had to visualize see myself holding onto him. It took a very long time, but this eventually saved me, my husband and our children and families. After my husband and children seen me and heard me talk about God every day, they began to do the same. They got to him personally too through this.

After we made amends, it was time to make things right with everyone else I love that I hurt so very much. By the grace of God and his forgiveness to me, our families and friends eventually one by one forgave me and all of us. I wasn’t going to stop because of my love for all of them until they forgave me. They know the real me, that it wasn’t my heart, that all I went through over the years brought me to the point I was at. Nothing was ever intentional. It was fear!

Now we are all closer than we have ever been and happier than we ever been. Bringing you to this moment, my husband and I found out that we were losing our house. This is the house that me and my ex husband owned together. We were very stressed and scared, but through our newfound faith and relationship with God we stayed positive and happy with one another. All we listen to as a family now is Christian music. The kids even love it. Anyone that knows my husband and I know that’s not our typical style, but we won’t change the channel. I’m in love with him more than ever! Nothing is more beautiful or satisfying than having a husband that loves God just as much as I do! I fall more and more in love every day with him.

God is first, then us to one another then our children and everyone else follows. We finally got it right, but it took what seems forever to get it right. Everyone, including the children have turned around for the best. It took us to lead them to God and they followed our lead.

Yesterday, my husband adopted the children, we surprised them, ourselves and parents with a brand new home yesterday. We got the keys the day before. Once again, God saved us and our family from not having a home. He blessed us, saved us and have a brand new home to start our family just in time. Do you see the steps here? Everything that happened and everything he gave back to us was all in steps, on HIS time, following the narrow path with him to our destiny. He WILL provide even if it’s till the very last day.

Please, if you get anything from our testimony, don’t wait to know God. He is so good and his word is true and very alive!! Do not ever give up faith in him, he can do the impossible, look at our story. He does things and let’s situations happen in order to bring you into relationship and to rely on only him and what he alone can do for you. It might take trials, heartache and pain, but he will get you to what he has destined for your life and will save you. You have to be faithful back to him… We give him ALL the praise, honor and glory. He is the reason alone why we are at where we are now, not by anything at all that we did for ourselves. It’s him alone!! He works miracles right in front your eyes, you just have to love him and want him enough to see them unravel before you.

The signs are unreal if you truly look and listen to his voice. He speaks through loved ones, Christian music, readings and visual things outdoors, or his voice alone. Pray for discernment and he will give it to you. He is my best friend and first love. I pray for anyone reading this and that it gives you a hope for the future. I also pray for you to know and grow in relationship with Jesus. Thank you all! God Bless.

The Landry’s