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Jesus gave me a cream-coloured, chocolate chip muffin.

JESUS: What do you see?

ME: It looks and smells good. May I eat it?

JESUS: No! Do not judge by appearance! It looks good from the outside, but inside it is full of greed, jealousy and all sorts of evil.

ME: Who is the muffin Lord?

JESUS: The greatest part of My church.

ME: I do not want it anymore, Lord.

JESUS: I chose you, I know you will do it!

Go tell My church:
I had enough of your false-goodness. Be truly good!
Let your works rise up before Me like a most holy scent,
a scent that never ceases and never perishes.
Give Me which belongs to Me.
Have I hurt you?
My heart is breaking for My church, just as I am breaking this muffin in My hand!

I SAW: the chocolate chip muffin breaking in pieces in His hand.

JESUS: I am going to do a new thing:
and I shall mix My own dough,
I shall pour in the rising agent and
I shall choose the fragrance that should go in there.
I shall do that and no one helps Me.
It shall rise up in My glory.
It shall overflow and raise up even further, it shall rise high!
It shall become great.

I SAW: Jesus smiling, He looks satisfied and full of joy! He looks at His muffin that is baking in the oven. It is rising high! It was a very special moment to see this happening!

JESUS: It shall not tire, slide back and cause problems. No, My church is steadfast, grounded and rooted in the truth! A sweet fragrance shall come out of it and it shall give Me a lot of pleasure and delight.

JESUS: I invite you:
Do you want to be part of My church?
It starts with a pure heart, clean thoughts and a clean life. These are the things that glorify My Name.
Jesus kneels down and writes with His finger in the sand and says:
I am writing this with My own finger: THE TIME IS SHORT!
You know the truth; yet, you do not want to be made free? Break away! Run away from iniquity.
Stand together for the truth! My truth is not the worlds’ truth.
See, there is no lie in My truth. You cannot serve lies and Me.
If My people should humble themselves before Me, I will pay the price for them to be set free, and free they shall be.

ME: What can I do for you Lord?

JESUS: Go and deliver this message. Perhaps there is “ONE” that listens. Purify your hearts, clean your hands, a small amount of dust causes the scale to weigh heavy.

JESUS: Just do it! (I must deliver the message). Happy is the one who doubts not. (I must not doubt).

Here ends what I saw and heard
*Psalm 12: To the chief Musician upon Sheminith. A Psalm of David
*Ephesians 4:
* Psalm 42:

2nd March 2006 I saw a hand, there was a ring on His finger. In the gold was set something like a pearl. When I looked
inside the pearl; I saw a city of gold! It was surrounded with brilliant light. Indescribably beautiful. He wore the ring like a seal on His finger.
Revelation 21:9-27
John 8:31,32.
Ephesians 5:25-27.
1 Corinthians 3:13-15.

(Please excuse the English I tried to translate it the best I could)

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