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Jesus Loves My Family

My name is Sridhar and belong to Indian Hindu family. I used to worship the statues of Rama, Krishna and Siva and etc. Till my age of 36, I do not know the real god.

Suddenly my life and my thoughts were turned by GOD JESUS. In 2005, I faced a big problem in my life, and I was hopeless. GOD Jesus directed me without my attempt. Suddenly changes my thoughts to worship GOD JESUS CHRIST. But I did not know how to pray, and I didn’t know what methods were to be applied. At that moment I ask Jesus in my heart without talking loudly that asking Jesus to help me how to pray and asking…teach me and guide me… Finally, I have the habit of asking GOD JESUS whatever I need.

The first one I asked for was a job to help my family survive. I was asking Jesus continuously…daily to give me a job. Within one month I got a job without sending application to any company…by just a phone call received to join in duty….This is first love and first miracle done by GOD JESUS in my life. This is enough to change my lifestyle and till then I pray to GOD JESUS every day, two times (morning and evening). Later I resigned a job due to them forcing me to do illegal things.

I asked Jesus again a job to survive and I got it within one week. After I got my first salary, I donated total amount of my first salary to a Christian missionary. Again I asked Jesus to give money to survive…and second miracle in my life is that I got a bonus within 11 days.

I purchased a BIBLE and sweets. I distributed the sweets to my colleagues and given a BIBLE to my friend as gift…and so many miracles and finally I got salvation by the grace of GOD JESUS CHRIST on 27th April 2005. And I am going in a smooth way by the grace of Jesus.

But after some years I travelled against the will of God Jesus. And I realized and I asked Jesus to forgive me and GOD loves me and accepted me. GOD JESUS always loves me and guide me and teaches me and helps me and with me always. So if any one wants any kind of help, do not depend on your friends, parents, brothers, sisters or anybody. JUST ASK JESUS TO HELP and JESUS HELPS YOU IMMEDIATELY. I am thankful to GOD JESUS in posting my testimony. Praise the Lord Jesus.


my Email ID :sridhar2005apirl27 at
my contact no:918142975225
my country :INDIA


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