Person by Sea - Healing

Jesus Loves me!

It was in the month of March that I lost my job and my health on the same day.
My Doctor diagnosed high blood sugar and cholesterol..I was broken down beyond everything..lost complete hope,liking and ambition in stated to look hell for the age of 32, future looked blank without any desire..My doctor put me on high dosage to lower my sugar and cholesterol readings…but I was a man of nothing loosing my job and health at the same time..I would always break down and cry to my Lord Jesus asking him why why why..and my mom,wife and myself would cry out to the Lord for help which he heard…after 2 weeks my wife’s friend called us for a revival meeting..that day I was extremely tired, but heard the lord saying”Go I will be there”, and so I went for the meeting..for all my surprise I could feel Jesus sitting next to me and talking to me which I heard when I wanted to keep the Bible next to me,he would say “why are you keeping the bible on me”,all the way he was talking to me till the Pastor called me to the pulpit and laid his hands on me and said “God has healed you, you will always be protected by him PSALM 4-12, and he also said that God has blessed your seed and I will be very successful man and I will be a very big man…after this blessing when I went back to my seat Jesus had left.

When I came back home that night and checked my sugar reading…Praise the Lord it was normal and after a weak my wife was pregnant.

My doctor was surprised after reading the new lab reports..which was normal and he just could’nt believe and said I was one rare patient..but I told him that I was touched by my Lord Jesus who healed me for he Loves me.


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