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How I Came to Know that Jesus is the Real God

Knowing the true/real God:

I am a born Hindu. I have joined a hostel in Kaimnagar (AP, India) during the year 2000. First year of my study course, I do not remember much. But from 2nd year, I was attending the Christian worship time in my hostel. This was during 2001-2002 (approx). I do not know how all this began.

Later, my friends and my family started asking me why I was silent, not being arrogant, spending time in reading bible and praying. I knew then that something happened which changed me from an arrogant person to a nice person, without my knowledge and effort. I was enjoying the worship time, fasting, praying and reading bible most of the times.

People saw the change in me from what I was during my 1st year of diploma to the next year. This continued and I was happy. I had peace, even in the midst of my problems. It was a wonderful time during my 3 years of diploma.

I finished my course and joined engineering in Hyd. I was back from hostel and was staying with my family. Mom and sister noticed the change and they did not stop me from reading bible or praying. I had many problems at home. No father, brother was of violent attitude at home, living in a slum area with trouble all around, inferior feeling in college, no joy in my heart, no happiness except my friend being my support most of the times. It seemed that problems would never end. Despair all around.

During my engineering. Lord Jesus revealed a wonderful truth from my past which helped me to know that me being closer to bible and prayer now, was an answer to one of my questions which I had 4 years back or so. This is how it goes:

When I was a Hindu, I used to do pooja to the Hindu deities. During this pooja, I always used to say that

“I have so and so problems at home, I do not know who is the real God, Muslims say its Allah, Christians say its Jesus, Hindus say so many gods, but whoever is the real God, please hear my prayer and answer me and help me to come out of all these problems.”

This prayer was during 1998 or 1999. Now it was the year 2004 or so when I was in Engineering. All these years I do not even remember the question that I had during my pooja time. But after I came to know about Christian Prayer, Bible, Jesus, that is when God (Jesus) reminded me that I had this question in my mind and was looking for an answer from the God who is real among all these mentioned above.

It was so wonderful when God(Jesus) reminded me that He is the real God, there is none other who can reveal themself to me. This was the reason why God had sent me to that diploma hostel where I came to know about him.

I was so happy when God reminded me all these from my past. Now I know that since I was asking the real God to hear my prayer and take me through these problems, Jesus was the one who heard it and helped me know about Him and here I am today reading Bible and praying knowing that I have a God who lives and who listens to my prayer and answers.

Praise God.

I thanked God for the wonderful way that he answered my prayer or question about who was the real God who can hear my prayer and help me thru my problems.


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