Jesus Helps Students

Dear brother,

Loving greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

I am alive because of Bro DGS Dhinakaran, a mighty servant of God founder of “Jesus calls ministries”

When I was in 12th class, I had so many bad habits, I was addicted to watch movies, bunking classes I would be sitting in cinema hall, watching a movie 5-6 times, unable to concentrate on studies but daydreaming, living in fancy world.

But all these brought suffering in studies, I failed in model exam in 2 subjects, chemistry and math I got 15/100 and 17/100 in these subjects. My school principal called my parents and me and told you are going to fail and spoil our school result because just 15 days after CBSE board exam was there. I was shocked, my parents told me you have to pass anyhow. I thought how can I pass, chemistry whole thick book, I never had read and I have not studied math properly, I am weak, I was troubled, frustrated, wrecked.

Thoughts came into my mind who can help me? No actor, nor actress, nor money, nor friends can help me, I was desperate. I even started to think to run away from home, I was broken hearted one day I was sitting worried, desperate suddenly morning around 11-12 am postman came, he brought a magazine, I opened and saw it was “Jesus calls” magazine having picture of Jesus blessing a student writing his exam and below was written

“The fear of the lord is beginning of wisdom” proverbs 1:7,

I was attracted seeing the picture of Jesus blessing a student and with this verse proverbs 1:7.

I read inside, Bro DGS Dinakaran testimony was given, how he was running towards railway track to commit suicide after failing BSC twice, how on his way his uncle met him and told him about the love of Christ, shown on the cross, how he suffered on the cross, how he took all our sorrows, pain, suffering upon himself, he loved us.

Jesus can help us, in any situation, how Bro DGS Dhinakaran came home and cried to Jesus for 4 hours and invited Jesus in his heart. Then he started studying asking Jesus to sit beside him and teach him all the lessons, he use to keep a chair, he began to feel his presence and one testimony he had mentioned touched my heart he was having physics practical there were 15 practicals he had only one day gap, he asked lord I can’t prepare in one day all 15, you please tell me which practical I should study, he heard sweet voice of Jesus, son study this particular practical and thank God when he went for exam, the same practical came.

I was thrilled, hope was born in my heart, and oh Jesus can help me. I got down on my knees and prayed to Jesus please come into my heart, please forgive my sins, wash me with your blood, please help me, In Jesus name amen.

After the prayer, a hope was born in my heart, all depression, and frustration, worry left for good. I wrote to Bro DGS Dhinakran to pray for an exam, he sent me a prayer for students, I read it every day before studying, I was greatly blessed Jesus helped me to pass miraculously with 71% marks. Praise the Lord! Jesus gave me experiences like Bro DGS Dhinakaran.

Amazing fact is that my family was not subscriber of “Jesus calls” magazine that time, when postman brought it, he brought of a person who had shifted his residence to another place. Thanks Jesus, except Jesus had brought “Jesus calls” magazine that day, except Bro DGS Dhinakaran would have shown the picture of Jesus blessing a student with proverbs 1:7 written and his testimony, I would have been nowhere, now Jesus blessed me with many degrees B.E (Electronics), M.B.A( Markt & Fin), I am working in MNC in Gujarat.

Thanks to Bro DGS Dhinakarn for his ministry, I am alive because of him, we are blessed to have him, world is enriched to have him, He is Gem, a blessing, May God give him long long life.

With love & prayers
B.E(Electronics),M.B.A(Marketing & Finance)
Marketing Manager
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