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Jesus Helping me in Weight Loss with his Water Tip, Hallelujah!!

Praise the Lord,

I was struggling with my weight for a long period of time and it became my major concern so about 4 days ago I prayed to the Lord with great eagerness to help me out in weight management as I can do everything through Christ and every good thing is possible to me through Christ so why should I be stuck with this unwanted load. Rather I want to make full use of this blessed promise that I can do everything through Christ and keep myself healthy in Jesus permanently not just for a year or two and gain it back again so I am against diet pills, gyms and silly stuff.

When Jesus is all I need as the whole bible claims then Jesus should be the only ultimate solution to this obesity.

Now I tell you what happened, as I prayed to Jesus with concern and submitted my request to God, He started speaking to me in my heart and I felt this:-


For our Spiritual cleansing Jesus sends the River of Life, Out of our belly flows the River of Living water. So the Holy Spirit which is the River of Life detoxify our Heart and Soul from all impurities.

Similarly, for our Body cleansing, we need continuous flow of water in our body, it detoxifies us from all earthly impurities. I am convinced I can relate it to the water baptism in my own words.

Now, with less hope I tried this drinking water remedy and today I’m on my third day of it and my results are:-

1st day:- I spent most of the time in washroom lol felt bloated.

2nd day:- All MENTAL STRESS GONE, I felt so happy and spiritually active I kept smiling all day.

3rd day:- Its a huge appetite suppressant, I must say….I could stay without eating for more than 2 hours but now My Jesus I can stay full and stress free 6 hours without eating, because our brain does not tell us whether we are hungry or thirsty but we think we are hungry when actually we are thirsty so as I kept sipping water from my bottle every 5 mins I felt full and happy.

So tomorrow will be my 4th day and I will surely keep you updated on my Jesus water diet plan, I haven’t added exercise or cutting on calories stuff because Jesus didn’t tell me yet he only spoke about WATER and I am enjoying the benefits of it.

Water is life, water is helpful for Spiritual as well as Physical cleansing, it flush out the impurities including fat and keeps your stress free all day oh I forgot to add the most blessed part of it…now when I look at junk food pics, pizza, burger or stuff…i don’t feel nothing exciting about it, as if I’m no more care to have it, its like…yea its pizza so what ? lol and I feel full looking at those pics and im like where’s my water haha.

All the glory to Jesus, I thought he was going to tell me….get up early, run 5 miles, avoid this and that but NO papa Jesus just told me to drink WATER!!! Biblically also water has great importance in baptism so you see…this is JESUS DIET, drink plenty of water which was something I never did before.

Thank you Father Jesus you are the best counselor and friend to me, Praise the Lord.


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