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Jesus Healed the Lump on My Mouth and Tinea Versicolor

Hi. Like many others, I am also a living testimony of Jesus Healing Power.

I am 29 years old and this testimony happen many years ago when I was 16. Days after my first ever religious retreat on Divine Mercy in the Philippines, I subconsciously bit a specific part on my lower lip every time I eat and/or take a meal. This happens almost everyday… Days later, a lump develops on this part. At first, I ignore it, but the biting really won’t stop. Months past and the lump just keeps gettingĀ  bigger. Some people told me that it will disappear in just few weeks but it didn’t. Other people told me that it may develop into a cyst and could potentially become a cancer.

That made me nervous.

This lump just keeps growing and it affected my confidence. I checked this out to a doctor and she told me that it should be surgically removed but will still have a tendency to grow back again. That made me more nervous because aside from the cancer threat, we have no money… I nervously walked out from the clinic totally forgot to pay the doctor… In my thought maybe the doctor might give that one for free.

A month later, my Aunt told me to go to the Divine Mercy Healing center. I did come. I was like an innocent child when I got there. I showed them the lump on my mouth. Gave me healing prayers… then went home afterwards. And oh boy!!! the good news! I think it took about 2 weeks and the lump had totally disappeared! I can still feel the trace of the lump using my tongue but it is no longer noticeable and does not bother me anymore!! This is the reminder of Jesus Christ’s healing gift for me.

But wait! There’s more! And I was never really expecting this. Since I was about 4 year old kid, I have these huge white patches that almost surrounds my face, neck, chest, all the way to my back. This is a skin condition called Tinea Versicolor. This skin condition was either caused by fungal or yeast infection. I was not so sure what caused it and as far I as I know, there is no cure… except Jesus Christ! Along with the disappearance of my lump, tinea versicolor totally left my body as well!!

I am so happy to share this testimony to everyone and I hope this inspires you to reach Jesus Christ’s Healing power. Healing is real!


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