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Jesus Greater Than Global Recession

This is a testimony of a friend who lost her job during recession.

True story happened in Feb 2009!

My friend working for one of the insurance agencies lost her job without any prior notice. She was terminated on Jan 15th 2009 along with few of her colleagues. Though disappointed, she had faith in God that He would grant a job but with uncertainty on how she would get it during recession?!

She prayed specifically for two things! Firstly, she prayed asking God to direct and show her the right job. Secondly, money spent on cab should not go in waste coz she didn’t have adequate money to spend for the month.

On Jan 25th, she was called for an interview. She was pretty excited when they called her for the final round. Finally she was selected! Praise the Almighty God for performing miracles during her job hunt!

1. The Lord not only granted a job but gave it right in the middle of a worldwide RECESSION and that too in 10 days.

2. Second miracle was that she didn’t spend any extra money on the cab except for the one she was called. The Lord might have closed doors for all the wrong jobs and hence she had nothing to attend apart from the job appointed by The Lord…

3. Third miracle was that she got a job with a higher remuneration together with additional benefits like free air ticket and 30 days annual paid leave. She was the first candidate ever to obtain the “30 days annual paid leave” package, approved by the management by the Grace of God while the present staffs were paid for 15 days annual leave.

4. Last miracle! During her first round interview, the Finance Manager didn’t favor her for a reason since he preferred a candidate from his community, however the General Manager disapproved his choice and it was he who selected her. Though the finance manager had his own plans; who can compete against God’s plan for his children? Not even our angels! Is there anyone who can shut the door that God has opened?

Therefore, is the supernatural power of Jesus greater and bigger to handle the global Recession or is Jesus powerless to out beat the recession? You decide which one!

TRUE STORY!!! Please forward the above testimony to all your contacts, friends, families and others so it may encourage and give confidence to someone, especially for those who have lost their jobs during recession.

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