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Jehovah Rophi


Exodus 15:26.

And He said, “If you will give earnest heed to the voice of the Lord your God, and do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His Commandments, and keep His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, the Lord, Am your Healer.”

Well, let me tell you about how He, my GOD healed me.

I am 56 years old, who at the end of November 2006 I managed to tear my left shoulder tendon. The tear was approximately 2.5 centimeters. For those who have been accident free, blessed or otherwise, it is an agonizing experience to tear a tendon. It took the doctor some time to realise things were really serious, since I didn’t make so much fuss.

Firstly, I ended at his surgery at around 9:30 pm, after I had flung my arm like a cricketer to toss a wet bed sheet over my washing line. I felt the tear, it was quite painful. To make things worse my neighbour, who is a solid 6 foot something Islander thought he could help and said he could rub it down. Well, silly me I let him and he tore the tendon further as he rubbed my shoulder up and down. I had to stop him because the pain became agony. I rushed to my doctor’s surgery, some 18 kilometers away at 9 pm or so.

My doctor not knowing exactly what the problem was gave me 2 quarterzone injections, and it seemed to ease the pain a little. I went home a little happier with much less pain than what I walked in with.

Time went by, Christmas came round and with the holidays came the agonising pain again. Finally, the doctor sent me for X-rays, ultrasounds and finally CT scans and we found out the seriousness of the tendon tear. Well, a specialist was next, and I was told an operation is needed. $4000-$5000…… plus!…. What can I say?

I had just finished a semester of teaching and being a casual-partime teacher, I do not get paid during holidays. Plus, I couldn’t move my shoulder even if I wanted to work. So halfway through January 2007, being already unemployed, I registered myself officially as an unemployed, taking another six weeks before I got a cent from social security, which left me pennyless with a heap of unpaid bills. Still the daily bread never ceased, and I was never short of whatever I needed, but not the $5000 for the operation.

But thats not all, satan is not happy untill he really drags you down to the ground. Two or three weeks later while at home and playing with my server (since I study IT), I decided to lift it off one desk, and to put it onto a higher one, forgetting that my shoulder was not upto lifting anything. But the lift all went well until I almost reached the higher desk and when I got close, I found out I was 3 millimeters short to reaching the top of the desk, so I stretched myself trying to bring this server to rest.

Guess what? I managed to damage my lower lumbar region of my back by overstretching my muscles on the left-hand side, which brought pain that the word agony does not come even close to describing this other additional pain.

Well two injuries in almost two months and both of them so painful I was almost crippled, the left leg was numb all the way down my shin to my underfoot, where the arc of the foot is. All my pressure points felt as if they wanted out of my leg, some were so sore I had to wear modified socks to keep them warm. In other words, I was in a bad state, but thanks to some heavy-duty medication I was able to get by and live, bed ridden for the next three months, spending a lot of time in traction.

I must say I prayed a lot and prayed for healing, believing that My God the Healer will heal me. Then I woke up one morning and tried walking to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa. Normally by the time I reached the kitchen sink I would have been in pain having to push my LH thigh muscles inwards so as I could walk, otherwise it felt like my muscle was trying to push itself through my skin, undescribable!

Well, this day I got to the sink not realising I had hardly any pain, I couldn’t believe this, so I tried walking outside the house and still, I felt a little tired, BUT NO PAIN. By the end of the day, I was tired because I was unfit, since I hadnt walked for three months or so. The only walking I would have done would have been once a week to shop a little for food, then it took two days to get over the pain, weariness and exhaustion.

As I was saying, I got up this day and the next was even better, hardly a stitch of pain. Hallelujah I praised God MY HEALER for His Beautiful work. All I needed was exercise because as I already mentioned I couldn’t do much walking and the body sort of got used to it.

Let me assure you, this made Satan very unhappy seeing me back on my feet again and jumping for joy, for the LORD had HEALED me.

A few days went past, I started back into the normal routine and therefore I went shopping. As I went to park my car one day, in the car park I noticed the next lane was taken a bit over the line by someone not so good at parking, which made me park a bit to the side as well. Not realising that the concrete block which stops the cars from hitting the path, was left a bit exposed.

Returning back to my car I noticed that there was not much room for me to get to the side door without having to walk sideways, and as I started my right foot caught the concrete block tripping me. I instantly had to turn sideways since there was not enough room and landed on my right-hand palm, which folded into a 90 degree shape, doing a little bit of damage and leaving me with a bit of pain all over, so back to the surgery, more x-rays and ultasound which found two tears in the Right Hand shoulder Tendons. But my back stayed well and no pain, praise God

Well back on my knees and pray I went, specifically referring to the Great Healer and praying while mentioning Jehovah (YHWH) ROPHI. LO and BEHOLD a few days went past when I woke up feeling only little twinges of pain, I am so gratious and thankful FOR THE LORD again HAS HEALED ME. Oh how Greath art Thou, My Lord.

What a Healer, What a GOD! Who would have ever thought that a being, a mere man like me with so many injuries within a matter of seven months could turn around, go out and found a job and told to start the next day of the interview, which happened to be on the same day of the advertised job.

What else can I say. How can one explain how healing came about, not one but three different, no four injuries within the seven months. And now back in the workforce and back on my feet enjoying my work as I was before the end of November 2006.

I said four injuries. What I didn’t mention was that during all the x-rays and scans, I was sent to do an MRI scan, which is an in-depth scan that shows a lot more than x-ray and CT scans, in fact it shows detailed soft tissues and other non-boney material.

Here it was found that my L4 disk had growth on it that has grown out past my vertebrae and inward towards my spine and close to the central nerve.

Well, the crasy thing is that I have not a stitch of pain anywhere and if could do a little exercise I might even think of starting playing soccer, if they let me. But being at the age of 56 I don’t think they would let me join a team. So, I will just stick to walking and have the occasional sprint, which I can handle. PRAISE GOD.


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