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Jehovah Jireh

Hi all, 2013 truly started off with a high note for me. When I look back to 2012 I can see how the Lord has provided unto me and my family all that we need and so much more. Recently the Lord told me to ask what I will, and I did ask, for a outpouring of His Spirit upon my family, for a revival amongst His children, to bring my natural brothers and sisters into His Kingdom, for a good job for my husband and also for my children to attend a private Christian school.

Several times the Lord spoke to me, encouraging me to keep the faith for what I have asked. Each day I thank the Lord for what He has given me. At times when I thanked Him for granting unto me my heart’s desire, a worry feeling would pop up. I asked the Lord, God…what is this? He replied,

That is for you to overcome.

So here I am, waiting for all these promises to be fulfilled. I know the devil doesn’t want me to prosper, trying to get me to wonder and get all frusterated. The truth of the matter is, without a doubt He never failed me yet.

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