Burdens Collage

I’ve Tasted Job’s Burdens

When I was first born into this world my parents knew there was something different. I knew it as i was growing up. When I was just a baby my mom was picking me up where a heavy plant was hanging and as soon as she moved me the plant fell. I would have surely died if that plant fell on me. It’s all about God’s Plan for my life.

Later on in the years I had two motorcycle wrecks, numerous bouts with pnemonia, concussion, intestine blockages for a month, numerous hospitalizations for food poisoning and all kinds of problems. Through it all God has had his hand on me and made it to where my faith has gotten stronger in the Lord Jesus Christ and I just want everybody to know to NEVER give up.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean to your own understanding. Trust Jesus and you’ll never go wrong. I just Praise the Heavenly Father for Jesus and everything he’s done for me.

Thank You Jesus!


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