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Inner Healing and the Wonderful Miracle of God in a Sinner’s Lie

Hi all my beloved brothers and sisters,

Love you all in the name of Jesus. This is the testimony of the greatest sinner and later touched by our wonderful, awesome, forgiving, loveable, heavenly father.

My name is Mary. I was a normal child, born and brought up in a very pious, strict roman catholic family. From my childhood itself, I was being told about our god’s love by my granny and my wonderful mother. But when I joined my college, it got all worse. I joined with the friends to whom I shouldn’t. I started speaking with the wrong guys for hours together. My eyes were fully tied up. I was going to church unaware of all my doings were wrong. Yet our heavenly father loved me with his everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)

There was this non Christian guy, one year elder to me. We were speaking and speaking. One day he said that he loves me; I did not mind it and did not accept it. We were started speaking all the non sense things against Holy Spirit. Every time when he says that he loves me, I use to say no. Because, I did not love him. But I was just speaking to him. Nothing else. He started asking me continuously and for time sake to get out from this irritating situation, I too said OK, I love you. This is the time the devil started taking my life in his hand and played all the terrific games in my life.

I was praying to god to get me out of this hell as I really don’t want. But I did not pray from my heart. So I struggled a lot and cried a lot. I was in the situation of not coming out this. We both started fighting, and told him I don’t love. Because of his compulsion only I said OK. He did not accept that. In the time, I started avoiding him. He started blackmailing me that he will let my parents know about this and my brother also. I can’t even imagine how much my parents would feel if they come to know. So again I started speaking, stop speaking, blackmailed by him, and again start speaking. This is my wrong doing that time. Very bored huh????!!!! But I was in the worst condition. OMG!! What a painful, terrific situation that was!! This time I stopped talking with him about 3 months continuously. He tracked my best friend’s E-mail id and told that we both are in love. She asked me about this and gave a weird look at me. I was in the situation of slapping him nicely. I cried a lot. It was restless days for my heart and mind. At this time it has been 3 years and I completed my studies. In these 3 years we have met for 2 times.

I stopped speaking with him as I was searching for a job and badly hurt of not getting a job due to the bad recession period. In this time I started asking god to make me come out of this. I couldn’t tolerate this pain, at the same time he tortured me like anything. I use to cry at every night, cry as David in Psalm 6. I got a job. After that also we met for 2 times. We both went to a distant place which is about 3 hours away from my place. I was speaking and doing the things against the Holy Spirit. Those times even I very well know that these are really wrong, but I could not come out of it. I started doing the wrong thing on my own and for 2 years it continued. That’s it. Now I started asking god sincerely from the bottom of my heart to make me come out of this. Because, he started asking and torturing to marry him. I asked god please papa do something. I am tired of this. I know I am the greatest sinner in the whole world and cried a lot. But I could not come out of these wrong thoughts about body. I tried to control myself. But I could not. You know but our heavenly father still loved me so much, whenever I ran away from him, he ran out to reach me. One day I asked god sincerely to pick me out of this hell and promised that I won’t do any wrong thing. But still that couldn’t be done by this weakling.

One day when I had a thought about this wrong thing about body, I asked god for a help and that day god picked me out from that hell. If I tell you this my friends, you all will wonder. He got engaged soon and married to another girl. See, I did not even ask our god sincerely. But he did this, because his love is great!! I was the happiest person wondering how this happened in a short period of time. After that I quit my job and started delving for another. I was doing this for 3 months. In these days I cried a lot to god, you could not even imagine. I got none. I went to the extreme end of frustration. But god consoled me, he sat near with me and gave me his shoulders and lap when I cried. At that time only I came to know about this website and shared my post to pray for my job. The link:

He answered me through his wonderful, soothing words. After 3 months I got a wonderful job. Please I ask you all to thank Jesus for me:) Thank you papa.

Hey guys thank you so much for reading my testimony with patience. This is the last paragraph in my BIG story:) Today I want to tell you one thing my friends. I have gone through all the depressions, frustrations, sorrows and tears. God alone knows that. But the WONDERFUL part is god, the real lover and comforter picked me up. You feel the same as I had been?? Just run to him. He will grab you in his arms. I once saw this in a back window of the car. JESUS IS THE SPECIALIST OF IMPOSSIBILITIES. JUST TRY HIM.

Pray for my new work and my future partner. My parents are searching for a guy for me:)
May the peace and joy of our wonderful father be with you all my dear friends!!! God bless!!!

With love,

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