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I am one of thirteen children. My mom died at age eight, on Valentines Day, my dad died at age seventeen. I was molested, raped and had 3 abusive marriages. I was involved in drug abuse, and became very depressed, overweight and suicidal.

I was dating a boy, Gary and he asked me to marry him and I said yes. Gary and I lived together until I was put into a foster home. I ran away from the foster home and moved in with Gary. My dad died and I had a nervous break down and we broke up. With my father’s inheritance, my sister and I bought a home in Los Gatos California, where I met my first husband. Before we were married, I got pregnant but did not know it and had many x-rays to find out what was wrong. When the doctors realized I was just pregnant, they all suggested I have an abortion.

Steve and I moved to Oregon. This is when the beatings started. I got pregnant again and had a miscarriage. We moved back to California, and we our daughter. I separated from Steve again during my pregnancy with my son because of the continual abuse. He then moved to Colorado, and begged me back, so I moved to Colorado, then two weeks later the man who invited us to live with him died. We went on welfare and food stamps.

Then Steve was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and he moved back to California. We divorced. I had no skills but got a low paying job where I met my third husband Davis. He was cleaning windows on the second story of a hotel and fell off the ledge. He crushed both feet and broke his right arm. Davis got better and was driving to work when police pulled him over. He had a warrant for his arrest, for molesting his niece in Texas. The following year my daughter was in counseling due to behavior problems. She revealed that her stepfather molested her. I couldn’t stay married to this man and we were divorced.

I married for the third time, but shortly after we were married my husband Charlie, was electrocuted with severe burns. Charlie was abusive to my children, and my daughter ran away from home. Charlie kicked us out of the house and I moved into a building we bought that was going to be my dream bakery. There was no heat, no money so I broke down and borrowed from my family. Everything went wrong, but somehow the bakery opened in June of 1997. Success, everyone loved my sweet rolls and sticky buns.

Charlie and I wanted to try to get back together. The kids wanted nothing to do with them so I called their father and he said they could live with him. There were no kids at home, and Charlie became abusive. He threw me against a wall and chocked me. I left my husband and the business and moved in with my brother in California. I was emotionally distraught but somehow was able to secure a good job at Xerox. Well after five years of pinning me, Gary my childhood sweetheart and I married on October 1st 2001. Through all this hardship, Jesus was there with me and I found comfort and strength because of my relationship with Him. Never give up!


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