I Want To Repent

For seven years I’ve been extremely ill because of food idolatry, myself and kids. I got us in this trap on 06/09/15 and my life has been hell since. I want to repent but I can’t undo the damage I caused.

Now I just found out that I’m three weeks and about six days pregnant and I’m worried about another life, not just my current babies, my life, but now my unborn child. Please pray for repentance in my life and healing in all of our bodies. I would appreciate it greatly.


  1. Emory 12/19/2022
  2. Sunday Akodu 12/19/2022
  3. Denis 12/20/2022
  4. Deborah 12/24/2022
  5. Mike Henry Sr. 12/24/2022
  6. Laura 3/29/2023

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