I Surrender All

It used to be that was very shy to speak to people especially regarding God’s Word. This became a problem since God wanted to use me to tell people about Him. I would get all flusterated and fear would grip me everytime the Lord told me to convey a message from Him to someone. The devil saw an. open door and used it. I could no longer heard the Voice of God clearly, instead confusion took over. Voices that were trying to imitate God’s Voice filled my head.

Earlier today I was on my way to my sister’s, a woman was walking opposite the street and a voice told me to go and tell her about God. I didn’t take the voice seriously, and in a few seconds I felt sick. Not knowing what to do, I heard this woman calling me. I waited for her and she asked me if I knew of a doctor nearby. I said yes, and asked her if she was sick, she said no and afterwards said it’s only her stomach. I told her to trust the Lord, she said, not always, I said always! She told me that I make her feel better. I told her she should serve the Lord and that she should think about what I said. When I got home later, the Lord told me that I should take up my cross and follow Him. I intend to do just that.


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