Woman Dreaming

I Saw This Light

The other night I was lying down and I fell asleep fast. So, I found myself in this dark room. It’s like I was sitting on a couch.

Next thing I knew something in the room took my breath away. I felt suffocated. It’s like, I took my last breath then I saw this light…It was the brightest light I’ve seen since Jesus called me out of darkness but if the light was longer or wider I could walk into it. I tried to see what was beyond the light and all I could see was a tunnel.

Then I felt my breath returned into my body. And I woke up. I am so thankful to know that wherever I am in life God is able to make a way for out of no way. My encounters with God are truly a blessing. I would rather trust and go thru whatever even if I don’t understand or if it feels uncomfortable.

The Lord is my light

and my salvation.

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