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I Saw God’s Miracle When I Had to qualify to my exam

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Ever you felt like everything with your life is over? Well allow me to uplift your spirit with my testimony. I’m currently studying towards my NDip: Information Technology at the Vaal University of Technology. This year it’s my final year, last semester now. I major with Development Software (Java). I have two parts which is JavaX and JavaY. JavaY was so smooth a walk in the park.

JavaX was something else it was like a nightmare. I had sleepless nights because of this subject. I remember my practical test 1 I got 35%. Never in my life have I got that mark. It was so painful I immediately went home and broke into tears and asked God but why me? And then I remembered that we are not to question God For he knows the plans he has for us Jeremiah 29:11.

Our lecturer gave us a makeup test luckily, I was so happy, and I prayed to God just to say thank you. Even worse I got 27% for my make up test. Joh little by little I began to lose all hope. My 3 theory tests for javaX I got 31, 41, 32. It was all bad, but a little me had not given up as yet.

I received an email from my lecturer she gave us assignments, immediately when I got them I wrote them and submitted. My 2nd practical test that was my last test? I’m telling you when I calculated my marks, I was not even close to qualifying it was so bad. On the other side I had to qualify for Operating systems, and I needed a 5% to qualify I was admitted for an optional test. I felt like my life was falling apart.  My 2nd practical test my Lecturer told me she didn’t find my folder, meaning it was a zero for me.

I was so terrified and hopeless I went home and cried and began to pray to God three words “I need you”. And again, in the evening “without you I’m nothing” was listening to Dr Tumi – I’m nothing without you. The following day I received her email, it was an android assignment I did that assignment wholeheartedly, my heart was at ease that time. I had already made peace with the fact that I don’t qualify for exam. I was ready for any news.

The other day I received an email again saying those with empty folders are writing again. When I get to the exam room the very same android assignment I had done day before. I wrote that test with confidence and for the first time in my life doing JavaX I felt good.

You know sometimes you need to go through all this to see God’s favour and grace. God is good all the time. For a miracle have faith in God. I saw God’s grace. I can stand and sing today and say, “What a mighty God I serve”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my marks. My first mark was 68% and second was 40% and third it was 65%. To qualify I needed a 50% and I got a 56%? I couldn’t believe I didn’t care how. And why? And when? But I’m grateful he did it for me God is good guys all the time God is good I believed in God for a miracle, and he gave me one. Lord thank you so much.


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