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I Saw an Angel before my Car Accident

I remembered when I was driving on the freeway with my then wife but now ex in the passenger side. The traffic was flowing as I looked through my rear-view mirror. I glanced at my phone for one second and then it happened.

Right when I looked up, a bright white light appeared as in awe distraction. I blacked out only another second as I crashed in back of a truck, a bang collision. What did I see I must say, it was my guardian angel making sure I was okay. It protected both of us in my car that day.

The front of my car looked like a total mess, a broken window and piles of liquid soaked the freeway’s chest. Both of our air bags flew out like a wild bird but that couldn’t save us, only Jesus would. That angel I saw also helped that guy I crashed into because as I investigated his truck, there were no dents nor bruises.

What a miracle that happened on that evening day. Before I even took a glance at my phone, God’s angel was on its way. Of course, my car was totaled. My necked hurt just a tad, even my partner’s chest wasn’t hurting so bad.

Miracles happen on freeways because that miracle was a silent safe. God is good and is our safety each day; before tragedy hits, always pray. In that moment it happened so fast but God knows your thoughts and yet He rescues you in His Holy hands. Remember to accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He really does love you! God Bless!


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