Praying Girl

I Need To Conquer My Final Year Examination

I  completed  my final year examinations few weeks back about two weeks back precisely. In my life I have never worked that hard for any  examination. This year it’s my final year and am sooo afraid of the results to come because my hand writing is a bit ”bad” and honestly these 8 papers were quite tough…Its soo important I pass with good scores so I could go back home, get a job and begin to build a life for myself I already feel very bad for  entering   university  at 23 years

Please help pray for me. Am soo afraid, I can’t pray nor sleep at night. I wake restlessly and my heart beats too fast, fear and panic has taking over my body and my stomach feels funny often. I know it’s something just as an examination but my family have invested soo much in y education and I just  have  to  succeed. Please help pray for me and along  the way I’d join too in prayers. Thank U Thank u