A Man Praying

I Need Prayers Urgently

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am in need of prayers urgently. I feel the Holy Spirit is asking me to request my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ to speak a prayer of healing for me. I am struggling with diabetes and it has reached a point where I am feeling pains on my feet and hands.

Kindly say a prayer for me and I believe we are going to defeat this disease in the Great name of Jesus. Please say a prayer for me. I believe this is the time I am going to receive my healing.

Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. I will exalt your Great Name all my life. I’m sure soon I will come back to testify the victory of your prayers. Thank you so much guys. Stay blessed and in the Lord as always.


  1. Emory 5/25/2020
    • DENIS 5/25/2020
  2. Mike Henry Sr. 5/30/2020
  3. Denis 5/30/2020
  4. Lydia 4/6/2021
  5. Denis 4/16/2021

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