Bus Stop

I Miss My Kids

The other day I was on the way home on the city bus and received a phone call from a longtime friend of mine and she asked me if I had received any pix from her and my response was no and was very curious, so I asked why. She said, well don’t wanna upset you which I know it will and I am very sorry, but I have some news that I must tell you. So again, very curious I asked what was going on. She said,

“Well, I saw your kids today and this is the reason for my phone call because I took pix of your kids and have been trying to send them.”

Well later on while sitting at the bus station I received the pictures which made me cry. I was in front of a bunch of strangers staring down at my phone crying my eyes out. But do you think I cared?

Absolutely not.

The reason for my story is because I know that God works in mysterious ways, and this is how I know. My kids stay with their father, and he is not letting me have any contact with them.

And just last week I was talking with my friend, and she asked me if I had heard from my kids by any chance and once again my tears began to fall as I answered no that I don’t know if my kids are sick or even if they are doing ok. And I believe in my heart that this is a sign from God letting me know that my kids are fine and for me not to worry that he is watching over them as I asked him to do for me. I thank God every chance I get for him working his blessings.

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