I Hate Myself

Hi I’m 26. I’ll be 27 in a few months ive been through so much & I’ve sought God’s much but I still feel so alone ! I pray all the time for god to lead me. I’m so different from my family barely talk to them have no friends have a boyfriend but I’m too lonely to leave him he may not be the best one for me. I wish I could give you all more detail but it’d take really long. To sum it up I just need help I feel dumb I can’t socialize I’ve tried to take my life like I beg God to show me n lead me I want to do right. Most people my age could care less. I feel I do but I’m never happy with no confidence.

Can someone help with advice it hurts so bad it’s so much y want God showed me some type of grace? When I beg him I just want to be normal n happy and want God’s will for my .life but I’m just so stuck I don’t even know if this makes any sense but god lead me to this site hopefully I’ll get some help & insight please God I need u this is what I say all the time I just feel so stupid and alone.


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