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I Got My Old Job Back

I got married in December 2010 and shortly after our marriage my husband got transferred to another state that is about 10 hours from where we were living. He moved to the new state while i stayed behind because of my job.  In April 2011, I realised I was pregnant and started planning to leave my job in order to move in with my husband but i wasn’t able to tender my resignation until September when I finally joined my husband.

I looked for a job in the new state to no avail and staying at home was making me depressed and it got to a point where all I had left was prayers.  I had my baby in January 2012 and I asked God to make my husband’s transfer possible so that I can go back to the state we were living in and for me to get a new job. God answered my prayers and not only did God grant my husband’s transfer, but he also got me my old job back.


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