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I Died. God Brought Me Back

I didn’t know that I was dying from severe case of kidney failure. I am barely 28 years old. I had my last child five months before. Until I started to feel woozy. I wasn’t able to do anything physically for my children. I had a hard time caring for our precious daughter.

Before I was allowed to be discharged from the hospital. I had surgery for my never having another baby. It was even more hard for me to cook for everyone in our family. At the time we had 8 children. Four daughter’s and four sons. All of them were healthy and normal.

Then I am starting to feel like I barely walking. It hurt to walk normally. I, at first start to stop eating. For I am not getting rid of my stomach cycle like belching and having normal bowel movements.

Then I got to slowly drink water only. From here I started to getting scared. I made plans to sleep with a lot of space for me to move around. I am crying uncontrollably for hours and hours. I am praying, praying that I be allowed to live. Just so I can raise my precious children, right.

Also, my mother is not able to raise them. For she has raised a large family. Even my mother-in-law can’t raise her eight grandchildren. She too, raised extra-large family. No one is going to be loving and caring plus extra vigilant about raising then in a godly way.

Then on the sixth night I started hallucinating and seeing double vision. I’m barely able to pick up anyone of my precious children. From here I am seeing things from the devil. He’s telling me that I am dying. And I won’t be able to make it in life anymore. It’s all dark and scary when I am hearing from him.

Then I started to cry badly and seeing two angels come from heaven. They’re bringing hospital bed with wheels. Right before they got to me, I died. All I was allowed to hear in heaven was the surgeon’s we’re talking with each other. I am hearing utensils being used. I am at peace here.

Then after I was ready to leave. I’m told that I will be allowed to return to earth. That I am to care for my own precious children. Plus raise them all within Father God. To seriously teach them about Him and His love.

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